Here are the dates and schedules

Here are the dates and schedules

official release

“we are back”.
organizers of this type 24h of the finale Today they officially announce the next dates of one of the most awaited events by the international audience of mountain bike enthusiasts.

NS May 27, 28 and 29, 2022 More than 3000 bikers, hailing from all corners of the world and from Italy, will traverse the finale field paths to revive a legendary event that will not only celebrate its 22nd edition (absolute numerical coincidence) in 2022, but also its Will host. The ninth edition of the World Solo 24 Hours MTB Championships, a world championship that gathers the greatest of international athletes who run for 24 hours alone.

The finale’s 24H has always been a transcendent event: a moment of celebration, with the bicycle hero, dedicated to its enthusiasts, to that “tribe” driven by a passion and a desire to share a lifestyle.

“May will be a month that will put Liguria at the center of the world of two-wheeled pedaling and after the Giro d’Italia we will see mountain biking become a hero again, a discipline that will attract enthusiasts more and more.” collecting – So announces the regional councilor for the game Simona Ferro – These three days of sport and passion will also be an opportunity to show our region to those who do not know it and to reaffirm how sport can be a great engine of the economy and tourism as well as the spirit of athletic action ».

The 24h (27, 28 and 29 May 2022) schedule of the finale conveys the uniqueness of the event, which is open to both professionals and amateurs, all animated with the same lighthearted emotion and aimed at the pure sharing of emotions and situations. Huh.

In detail:

, WEMBO World Solo 24 Hours MTB Championship 2022 (Friday 27 May to Saturday 28 May)

, 24h of MTB Finals: Team Race dedicated to all participants in Mountain Bike, which will start after the end of the World Championships)

, 24h of E-MTB Final: The team race is dedicated to all e-MTB participants, which will start after the end of the World Championships and will take a different path along with the MTB race.

24h of the finale

How can I participate in the 24h finale?

As event organizer Ricardo Negro of BlueBike Team explains: «A” 24 Hours requires participants to cover a ring circuit, challenging each other to complete the largest number of laps in a 24-hour span. You are a team (2, 4 or 6 participants) or solo, keeping in mind that the 24 Hours of Finals is an event suitable for every type of cyclist, even if not really beginners. The thing that unites all participants Has – says Negro – a passion for mountain biking and a desire to have fun”,

In fact, depending on the type of team you decide to part with, you approach the event in a different way, finding a way to fully experience it.
There are very competitive teams with pros with a well-defined race strategy, and there are absolutely Goliardic teams, whose members focus more on partying rather than time trials.

Angelo Berlangieri, President of the Industrial Association of the Province of Savona, in his capacity as Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Closing of 24H, underscored the importance and depth of the next edition of 24H of Closing: « Returning to the finale ligature of the WEMBO MTB World Championships is a cause for satisfaction and hope. Satisfaction, because the concept that a tourist destination is successful and garners a reputation, becomes concrete when it manages to create unique tourist products and experiences, and Finale has, in recent years, developed a range of products and outdoor tourist experiences. Has built a portfolio that is unique in Italy. There is hope, because in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, being able to organize the World Championships is a tangible sign of the resumption and resilience of an economy, tourism, which has suffered greatly in recent months, but which Has all the ability to guide recovery in you. And give hope to the whole country. It will be an exciting world championship and an experience to live in the history of Ligurian tourism.

24h of the finale

Let’s talk about WEMBO

WEMBO was born in 2011 out of the need of the organizers of the 24 Hours of MTB competitions from different countries of the world, in order to offer the athletes a consistent race, a shared international organizational standard with common rules and approaches. format between them.
Having achieved this standard, by combining the experiences of organizers from around the world (Australia, Italy, USA, Scotland), WEMBO was easily able to provide athletes with the opportunity to compete in an annual event that celebrates the title of world champion. will determine the title. Discipline.
The first World Championship was therefore held in the Finale Ligur in 2012 on the famous track 24H of the Finale.

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Since then, WEMBO has awarded the SOLO 24H MTB World Champion jersey once a year, continuously rotating around the world:

2012 – Finale Ligur, Italy

2013 – Canberra, Australia

2014 – Fort William, Scotland

2015 – Weaverville, California, USA

2016 – Rotorua, New Zealand

2017 – Finale Ligur, Italy

2018 – Fort William, Scotland

2019 – Costa Rica MS, Brazil

2020 – WEMBO has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

2021 – WEMBO canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

2022 – Finale Ligur, Italy

The President of Wembo is Australian Russell Baker, who is present at the finale ligure next May, who confirms with conviction: « In 2011, 3 organizations dedicated to mountain biking joined together and formed WEMBO in association with Bluebike and Nofus Events. Our first WEMBO World Only 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championship was held in Finale Ligur in 2012 and here we all truly ‘made history’. Since then WEMBO has organized events around the world: in Scotland, Australia, Switzerland, the United States, Slovakia, New Zealand, Portugal, Italy and Brazil. Now, after a 2-year wait due to COVID-19, it’s time for all 24-hour runners in the world to return to the “relive history” where it all began. With an excellent route and event environment that only Finale Ligure can guarantee, thanks to the BlueBike team, I can’t wait to welcome everyone to start the next new chapter of 24 Hour Mountain Biking ».

24h of the finale

expected samples

– Corey Wallace: Canada, the current world champion in the men’s category. After years of chasing the world title always clashing with historic Australian athlete Jason English, he won his first world title in the Finale Ligure in 2017.

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– Gaia Ravioli: Italian (and Ligurian), current world champion in the women’s category. After winning his first title in 2017 in the Finale Ligur, he confirmed it in Brazil in 2019.

– Jason English: Australian. He is the historical rival of Corey Wallace, the first winner of a Wembo title in 2012 and the undefeated champion until 2017, when the athletic leadership changed.

– Kai Saaler: German. In recent years he has won the European title in the MTB several times in the 12 and 24 hours, as well as competed in the Guinness World Record for climbing in the MTB at an altitude of about 17391 meters in the 24 hours.

– Rudolf Springer: Austrian. Being a veteran of the 24H finale, the athlete who has won it multiple times single-handedly.

– Nico Valsesia: Italian. Certainly the most versatile athlete who will participate. After several successful participations in ultra trail running and RAM on road bikes, he won the Italy Divide in 2018. His eclecticism between racing and cycling makes him an athlete who is also capable of climbing records, in fact he holds the current records for ascension speed from sea to summit of Mont Blanc, Monte Aconcagua, Monte Elbrus and Monte Kilimanjaro.


The 24H track of the finale, which can always be used, has become a real symbol over the years.
We never wanted to compromise on the offer of a “real” MTB track, avoiding dirt roads as far as possible in favor of a funnier and more “flowy” single track.
The Ring Finale therefore represents a synthesis of the region’s path heritage, including the diversity and technicalities that set them apart.
Its panoramic views overlooking the sea, overlooking both the Saracens Bay of Varigotti and the Bay of Bergey Island above Noli, are well-known, enjoyable from a ring that alternates both technical ascents and descents with sharp parabolic curves. does.

24h of the finale

Its technicality, difference in height and commitment of concentration for which it required a 24-hour duration, contributed strongly to the epic nature of the event, but to its recognition at the international sporting level, considered by athletes to be the most complete. goes. path. and satisfactory at a competitive level.

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To confirm the epic nature of the event, Gaia Ravioli, Ligurian, is the current world champion in the women’s category: « To give an idea of ​​this achievement, the athletes who won the title in the Finale Ligue in 2017 traveled 380KM for an altitude difference of 13,300m for the men’s category and 320KM for the women and a height difference of 11,200m. race like this – Gaia continues – It always leads you to overcome new frontiers, to prepare for it and meet it: it’s a great challenge against you and that’s what makes it so tempting ».

Gaia Ravioli on arrival at the 2019 Vembo 24H World Championship held in Brazil

World champion closes: «I have participated in many 24Hs internationally, but there is a unique atmosphere and warmth in Finale Ligue. You feel part of a big party that includes thousands of athletes and enthusiasts from all over the world and come together. Also, the route is amazing, completely off-road, full of technical climbs and fun and fast descents, immersed in a panoramic setting that takes your breath away. This race holds an important place in my career, which is why I was so excited when I learned that the 2022 World Championships would return to the finale Liger: I am happy and proud to be a part of it ».

NS inscription within 24 hours of the finale Will officially open on December 20, 2021 on site 24h


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