Hoffel Crisis Zofili and Molteni (Lega) meet German Ambassador Albling on Thursday

Hoffel Crisis Zofili and Molteni (Lega) meet German Ambassador Albling on Thursday

The machines will shut down in June and the gates of the Henkel plant in Lomzho will be closed. Representatives of German multinationals decided to say goodbye to their first plant in Italy, where for decades it has been producing softeners and detergents for washing and cleaning on behalf of the region’s leading brands. There are 150 employees at risk.

On Thursday, the Hoffel crisis Zofili and Moltney meet with the German ambassador Albling

Politics has also intervened on the problem. Today, February 25, 2021, Eugenio Zoffili (Lega) announced that the following week, together with the new undersection of the interior Nikola Molteni, Will meet the German Ambassador in Rome.

“I thank the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Italy, Victor elbling, To make himself available to meet me on Thursday 4 March, together with the new underscretary of Interior Nicola Molteni. During the meeting, we will present him with a serious situation which has arisen after the decision of the German multinational Henkel concerning the closure of the Lomezzo plant. We will ask the Ambassador to request the management of the German parent company to review the sector’s requests and a decision that will have a very serious impact on 150 employees, their families, and related industries ”.

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