honored with this responsibility. I will take Britain out of the storm »- Corriere.it

 honored with this responsibility.  I will take Britain out of the storm »- Corriere.it
From Luigi Ippolito

The third woman in Downing Street, after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May. For the first time ever, no white men in key ministries. Priority is economy, energy and health

from our correspondent
LONDON – From Boris Johnson’s lyrics to Liz Truss’s prose: Great Britain’s new prime minister presents himself to the nation with a speech that stunned, no catchphrases or cultured quotes, but all focused on concrete issues. , There are headwinds, he acknowledged, but the country can weather the storm and become the bright, modern Britain I know we can be.

Time itself was not kind to the new leader of the government His presence in front of the Downing Street gate was in doubt until the last moment.It was raining incessantly in London: then a strong lightning allowed him to pronounce the opening petition, which did not do much to warm the spirits.

Liz Truss pays tribute to her predecessor, Brexit. praised for, the response to COVID and the response of Russia; then immediately listed your priorities, which are Tax cuts, energy woes that hit citizens’ pockets and healthcare in jeopardy, But here too he avoided specific promises and limited himself to giving general indications: We will turn Great Britain into a land of aspirations, he promised, where everyone and everywhere will have the opportunities they deserve .

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Never in recent history has the head of a new government faced such a difficult economic and social situation: Inflation travels to 13 percent and 20. can be more thanThe economy is about to go into recession and millions of people will have to choose whether to eat or heat their homes this winter.

Liz Truss Has A Few Weeks Ahead To Prove She’s Capable Of Reversing Course: She Has Motives A freeze in energy prices that could cost the state exchequer up to $100 billion, And with regard to the stability of the pound sterling, which is already at its lowest, and the first reduction is already being felt in the markets in relation to public finances.

It was a busy day for Liz Truss, who opened with a flight to Scotland to meet the Queen at Balmoral Castle and receive the adornment as the premier; Then the return flight and return by car from the streets of London to Downing Street. The one who took her to Scotland was Boris Johnson, who went To resign at the hands of Elizabeth,

Early in the morning, the outgoing Prime Minister had given a farewell speech, complaining once again that he was killed in an unfair and unexpected way, Most importantly, he warned: Like Cincinnato, he said I was going back to his farm. But as everyone knows, Cincinnato was called back to power to save the Roman Republic. Liz Truss warns: If this fails, Johnson’s reinstatement is just around the corner.


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