« Hospitalization in Scotland fell by 95%. Ready to sell production license”

  « Hospitalization in Scotland fell by 95%.  Ready to sell production license

«First data on the effectiveness of Vaccination In real life. Vaccination was published last week Scotland, where half a million people have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca and there is a 95% reduction in hospitalizations and we expect similar data for England. He told SkyTug24, Lorenzo Wittum, CEO and President astraZeneca Italy.

Vaccines, three different serums have already been approved in Italy: but we started late. here because

AstraZeneca, no age limit. And the pressure is mounting for the Sputnik vaccine.

“We are set to supply 20 million in the second quarter, of which 10 million are to be produced in the European chain”, Wittum continued regarding the dosage, underlining that “the target is to have 300 in Europe.” Out of a million is for 2021, of which 40 for ‘Italy’. Remember? “up to 12 weeks possible”. astraZeneca is Ready to “Leave the Production License” (Anti-Covid Vaccine Ed) To ensure that it can be accelerated. This is what we have done in recent months: 20 production plants are not just ours ». We’re doing it already – Wittum continued – and we’re keen to increase it ». To do this, he concluded, “we need a partner capable of managing this production process, as technology transfer is by no means easy, and who has a production capacity of millions per month”.

Von der Leyen, risky vaccines bought outside European plan

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