“How many youth will be able to afford a cinema ticket when it reopens?”

Ken Loach’s writing partner, Paul Lavertie, shared the sympathy of the filmmakers for the delivery man, home helpers, nurses who live in their common films. Inspired by the same desire to understand and fight the ultraviolet system that crushes their compatriots and destroys nature, the screenwriter of “Me, Daniel Blake” tells of twenty-five years of a creative and committed pair.

Last day of a long lockdown in Britain. Paul Lavertie has not moved from Edinburgh, where he struggles to homeschooling for his three teenage children and ongoing scripts. Ken Loch Bath has a cloister. In the continuous blooming of the news, they talk to each other a lot. Their collaboration is now twenty-five years long. since Carla’s song, The 64-year-old Scotsman writes all the films of the English director, a darkly dark account of a dilapidated society that has entered the Kovid crisis on the sidelines. Morning interview via zoom with screenwriter on your desk.

Prior to imprisonment, you were preparing a new film with migrant characters. Will the epidemic take you anywhere else?
We worked on a film for a year in which we were hoping to shoot last fall. A complex tale, in the North East of England, where we made our last two feature films. There was only one side of the migrants. The story was very contemporary and we might not have told it the same way. The world turned upside down. Ken and I drive each other crazy in all directions on football, politics, family… We share articles that give us feedback, we with associations, students, political organizations Participate in video conferences, but we rarely talk. As soon as possible, we will spend two days together to discuss the future and decide if the film we were thinking about is still the best lead. I especially need to see how Kane is doing and if he really wants to direct again. He has got hellish energy, his mind is as sharp as before, but he is going to be 85 years old in June. Time is not unlimited – look at poor Bertrand Tavernier – we really need to know what we want. I will obey him. Our friendship precedes work.

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