How Scotland intends to force it to pass for independence

How Scotland intends to force it to pass for independence

On On the occasion of its annual meeting, the SNP of Nicola Sturgeon unveiled its ‘Road Map’ for Scottish Independence. A plan in To score In May 2021, which will be the next election to the Scottish Parliament. To force London’s hand, the SNP will campaign on the subject of holding a referendum. He believes that if Scottish voters give him a majority or if another pro-independence party allows him to form a coalition for independence, Boris Johnson will be against the wall. The SNP government would then pass a law conducting consultation. “I want a legal referendum, that’s why I’m going to appeal for the right of the Scottish people in May,” said Nicola Sturgeon. And if they give me that right, that’s what I want to do. “

The SNP’s “road map” mentions three scenarios: either London recognizes, after the May elections, that the Scottish Parliament is entitled to hold a referendum, or that London draws the ballot’s conclusion and votes. Calls Authorizes the Act and its organization, or Boris Johnson denies this result and challenges the Scottish Parliament’s decision to hold a referendum in the courts. “There can be no democratic justification for denying this request,” we can read in point 8 of the roadmap. If the British government took such a position, its position at home and abroad would not be viable. Have to go a little early in work. Many of the union’s member states struggling with the independence movement are unwilling to encourage a division of the United Kingdom.

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This is in accordance with Article 30 that the previous referendum was approved by London and resulted in a victory of “no” (at 55% against 45%) in 2014. For Boris Johnson, there is no question of holding a new short-term referendum, but only “once per generation”, namely every forty years. “In my experience, the referendum in this country is not a particularly joyous event,” he said on the BBC in early January, as Brexit, narrowly won, has left deep scars in British society. From their side, the comment is not lacking in irony‚Ķ

For the SNP, the 2014 referendum is obsolete because the time the Scots voted in favor of staying in the United Kingdom without knowing that they would be forced to leave the European Union after a few years. However, Scotland has categorically denied Brexit at 62%.

The conservative opposition has ruined the SNP’s positions by allowing Ms. Sturgeon’s government to focus on tackling the Kovid-19 epidemic, which is more urgent than Scottish independence. The SNP memo fails to take into account another factor of uncertainty: independent Scotland will have to rejoin the EU, which would not be done in a picture.


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