How to become a lord by buying a small piece of land in Scotland – Idealista/News

How to become a lord by buying a small piece of land in Scotland - Idealista/News

you always wanted to be god or lady, But your relationship with the British crown is non-existent? In fact, it is usually a title or recognition granted by the Crown. Well, now you can make your dream come true without leaving home. Let’s find out how.

There Highland Title Foundation allows you to obtain title while being a piece of land in scotland, In fact, this foundation sells parcels of land that cannot be developed Highland Title Nature Reserve, In line with this premise and in compliance with the law of the land, the Foundation confers the honorary title of Lord, Lady or Laird of Glencoe on the owner of the micro-lot. How much can this recognition cost despite owning a few meters of land? Well, for the largest plots the contribution reaches 600 Euros.

Be careful, you can’t do whatever you want with that land. because it is a nature Reserve, you can go visit it, you can go sightseeing, have picnics, plant trees, but you can’t run any kind of commercial service and you can’t build there. To locate pieces of land, visit the Foundation’s website at a Search engine, More than 250,000 people have already participated in this initiative.

but a Micro-Plot in Scotland Is tax included? Obviously not: the purchase of a plot of land is not subject to personal income tax, because given its small size and specific definition, it is considered a “souvenir plot”.

The sale of plots of land is governed by the Scottish Land Registry Act, Act 1979, as recently amended under the Scottish Land Registry Act, Act 2012, which states that, because of its characteristics, these ‘souvenirs’ in the land registry ‘ Registration of land is immovable property is not allowed. That is why we are faced with a different system from the one that accompanies the purchase of assets capable of generating income and economic benefits.

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Highland Title is a charitable foundation whose focus is Recover Degraded Natural Spaces After centuries of commercial farming and forestry in the Scottish Highlands. To finance its restoration and conservation efforts, Highland Title is selling small parcels of land ranging in size from one square foot to over 1,000 square feet (93m2). The Foundation also promotes responsible tourism and the economic and sustainable regeneration of the surrounding area, providing opportunities to visit the reserve and discover the natural and cultural wealth of the Scottish Highlands.


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