Ian Rankin to head Nova Scotia

Ian Rankin to head Nova Scotia

(Halifax) The Nova Scotia Liberals on Saturday named former Forestry Minister Ian Rankin as the new leader and the province’s next chief.

Canadian Press

Mr. Rankin was selected in the second ballot, scoring more than 52%.

He was favored by former Labor Minister Leby Causalis and former Minister for Health, Finance and Environment, Randy Delorey.

The Prime Minister of Canada congratulated Ian Rankin by emphasizing the importance of building a strong economy and promising to help the province move forward on important issues.

“This is by leveraging the Atlantic Growth Strategy, bringing rapid and reliable Internet access to rural communities, and investing in clean energy so that we can generate new jobs for the middle class.” Justin Trudeau said in a statement.

Prime Minister Trudeau also thanked Stephen McNeill for his many years of service.

Justin Trudeau said, “His leadership and dedication to Nova Scotians have fueled economic growth and helped build inclusive communities.”

The leadership race was started in the summer after Prime Minister Stephen McNeill announced his retirement from politics.

In the past week, around 8,100 delegates participated in the virtual voting.

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