“Ignoring the Relationship Between Vitamin D and Kovid”

80 medici italiani al governo: “ignorata la relazione tra vitamina D e Covid”

A working group coordinated by the Turin Academy of Medicine found new evidence for the relationship between solar ultraviolet radiation, vitamin D, and kovid.

Led pool pro Giancarlo Yesia, Professor of Geriatrics, and President of the Academy of Medicine, and Antonio D’Avolio, Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Turin.

80 doctors from several Italian cities have produced a document, with an important collection work, with strong evidence on the positive effects of vitamin D, in both prevention and complications of coronovirus, and have sent it to regional and national health authorities. waste.

Professor. Giancarlo Yesia

“We sent documents to 68 regional (health departments of all regions) and national (ministries, AIFA, ISS, CSN, etc.) institutions, as well as professional associations.” Yeshia’s pro, Which I contacted via email, “and we have not received any response so far”.

Exposure to vitamin D, ultraviolet rays and covid: so much work for nothing (still)?

Yet the work group’s commitment is broad and documented. The team also produced one discoveryIn the publication of Total Environment in the magazine. The study included the number of dead by COVID-19 in each Italian region and the intensity of solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation affected by COVID-19, in all regions, in all regions, with both satellite measurements. Statistically very significant correlation is shown. From the ground.

A graph showing the level of solar exposure in Italy, drawn From the studio Working Group of Turin Academy of Medicine.

In summary: Vitamin D and exposure to sunlight play a role in the course of the disease. Elements all go in one direction. And they are nothing.

Studied hundreds

In 2020 alone, Pool said, there are nearly 300 studies examining the link between COVID-19 and vitamin D. Both were conducted Retroactive with whom metanalysis, Which confirmed vitamin D deficiency in the majority of COVID-19 patients, particularly those in severe form, and A. High death rate Associated with this deficiency.

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There is such a shortage in our country It is quite extensive, And this can be done in various areas of the country by first measuring the risk with more precision, and supplementing vitamin D with sun, supplements and nutrition.

Appeal to government

The list of studies on the subject, very detailed and available upon request (just send an email to the academy), shows a number of clues sufficient to authorize further study.

The medical team cites some studies with particularly encouraging results. Among others, one retrospective study 190,000 patients show a proportionality between vitamin D supplements and positivity for Kovid-19.

For this reason, academy doctors appeal to the government to consider more studies on this correlation and above all preventive campaigns for the administration of vitamin D. An appeal should be sent to the authorities on 12 November, which has been confirmed by the professor. Isaiah has since received “no answer”.

Vitamin D: Doesn’t Hurt, And Potentially You Can Do Great

In Italy, the Working Group complains, this possibility has been ignored. Nowhere else, like in Britain and Scotland, where the government is Ordered administration of vitamin D to 2.7 million subjects at risk (Above all the patients of RSA and health workers).

The English choice has sparked a medical debate among supporters of the provision and skepticism, who do not yet evaluate enough evidence. The common-sense conclusion was that administration of vitamin D, regardless of Kovid-19, largely free of side effects, is a good method for reduction due to the winter months and poor sun exposure.

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Vitamin D deficiency: a condition for coping independently of Kovid as well.

This might be a valid approach, read the press release from the Turin Academy of Medicine, if Italy were to adopt similar measures in an effort to expedite the end of this emergency.

“I think that like all pandemics, it too will slowly come out,” the professor says. Isaiah, “both for the introduction of a commentary and its innate defense”.

“The problem is that, unlike other epidemics in history, it will have a devastating effect on the economy and on the lifestyle of citizens; For this reason also, I feel less likely that prevention is not considered and the characteristics of the epidemic are not studied in depth ”.

Vaccination alone does not save humans. I hope that listening becomes more attentive and open, which is necessary at this stage.


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