“In 2015, we vow to rule to change the lives of Corsicans” #Corse # Territoriales2021 cc @Fa_Nazione # FàNazione

(Unità Nazionale – Institutional Conflict – Published June 1, 2021) In 2015, we made a commitment to govern to change the lives of Corsicans.

During these five years, Corsica Libera designed projects, initiated action, also protested the denials, so that the nationalist mandate would, in accordance with its promise and gazuramantu, behave in Corsica’s government.

Today, for us, the approach remains strictly the same. Do not wait for Paris approval for him. Let’s recreate the balance of power, apply our options with all the means available to us. Let us oppose the decisions of the French administration which are contrary to the interests of Corsican. To create this balance of power, we have elected representatives not only in collectivity, but also in many municipalities and inter-communities. We benefit from the support of trade unions and professional organizations and consular bodies of our own sensitivity in which many nationalists sit. Finally, we have a strong movement of many activists, supported by a large section of the Corsican people. Only this aggressive approach would be likely to force Paris to have genuine discussions with Corsica and uphold our demands.

In this spirit, we have appeared before you today. Our project revolves around the major orientation of the national movement:

Create environment
Make a society
Make earth
Create culture
Create nation

These guidelines can, for the most part, be implemented immediately by deploying every power at our disposal, with an immediate legal framework, and whenever necessary, the legal straitjacket that Paris tries to maintain is not afraid of shaking.

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A number of projects have already been developed and brought to the community by Corsica Libera and voted on by the Legislative Assembly. If they are followed and implemented, they are in practice likely to change the life of a Corsican: Charter in favor of employment contributions, “Carta Ritirata” for retirees. The long-term unemployment void area, universal income, tax and social status for the benefit of businesses and individuals, the report voted in favor of the statutory and salary revaluation of domestic aid last month. Corsica Libera also started the “Corsica Sulideria” fund to deal with uncertainty, which has grown rapidly with all the political, economic and social components of Corsica and provided great services for the strongest of the Covidian crises.

In the context of environmental protection, the “Declaration of Climate and Ecological Emergency” voted on Corsica Libera’s proposal in December 2019, which should now be taken into account from the operational point of view.

For all these projects – and many others – to be fully implemented, it is necessary that the elected representatives of Corsica Libera can continue their work for the benefit of Corsica and Corsican.

As far as the institutional question is concerned, everyone knows that the objective of freedom remains at the heart of our political identity. We are convinced that energy, food and ultimately institutional freedom are in line with the needs and aspirations of 21st-century Corsicans. This question will be at the center of public debate in the coming years. We take this as evidence of the development of the last ten years, particularly in Kanaki and Catalonia, as well as the spectacular victory of the Scottish separatists in recent times.

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“Energy, Food and finally Institutional Freedom”
Conforms to the needs and aspirations of 21st century Corsicans ”

As a transitional measure, in 2015 we agreed to sign an agreement with other components of the national movement, in 2017 an agreement providing “full autonomy and full practice”. The agreement, set for ten years, has been unilaterally challenged by Femu A. Corsica. Nevertheless, it is valid for us, those Corsicans, who supported us with their votes.

Our candidature is also allegiance to commitments, commitment given.

It enhances and enhances our commitment to national thought, social justice, and the service of protecting our land.

Corsica Libera
Profession Profession Territorial Election 2021

“We are committed to governing to change the lives of Corsicans in 2015” – #Territorials2021 #Corsica @FaNazione #FaNazione

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