In England, those who are vaccinated will be able to visit pubs and theaters

In England, those who are vaccinated will be able to visit pubs and theaters

Following an example of what is already happening in Israel, the British government is also studying the possibility of providing those who have already been vaccinated with a special “passport” that they have been given to others. Allows to resume a normal life in front of those who are still in line.

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The special permission, most likely the app activated by the National Health Service, would allow entry into pubs, restaurants, theaters and theaters. It will also allow you to travel, and Greece has already learned that it is ready to welcome British tourists in early May, who will be able to show the vaccine one, in addition to the normal passport.

To make the operation possible, the government would have to give owners of small English businesses, such as restaurants and bars, the power to control the certification of independence from Kovid: the simplest method seems to be an app that showcases vaccination. Or show the result of a recent negative test.

The good results achieved so far in the vaccination campaign, nearly twenty million people have already been vaccinated, we hope that social restrictions will be abolished on 21 June, only to remove congestion and use masks in places Will be effectively omitted. But there is no reason not to immediately free those who have already been vaccinated, so that the economy can recover.

The government’s initiative did not appeal to conservative deputies, who are more circumspect to protect personal liberty: only allowing entry into pubs that have been vaccinated is discriminatory toward people still waiting for their supplements Have been. For this reason the possibility has been added that the ban is also loose for those who are able to show the result of a recent negative test.

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Another problem to be resolved are employees of the companies involved, who in turn should be vaccinated. Can you force them to do this? Will they be fired if they don’t? The unions are concerned: they ask that the vaccine is not a discriminatory element and that in any case, security measures in bars and restaurants are not relaxed.

The possibility of introducing a vaccinated passport is also being investigated in Scotland, a hypothesis that Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has defined as “worthy of consideration”. In Israel, restrictions on access to hotels, gyms and synagogues have been lifted for those who can show a “green passport” valid for six months, issued by the Ministry of Health after administering a second dose.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not hide the difficulties of the entire operation in a nation like England, where it is not mandatory to have identity documents. “We never thought – they said – to go to a pub or theater to show something, so there are deep and complex issues that we need to explore”. But extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and people will not fuss in the end.


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