In Nantes, the new climate summit

In Nantes, the new climate summit

This is not the scale of the Glasgow Rally, but the ambition remains. Four months after COP26, which was held in the Scottish city, on Monday 7 March, in Nantes, a new climate summit opens for two days. Organized at the initiative of the Climate Chance Association, it will include positions taken by the government, the Commission and members of the European Parliament.

A long uncertain summit, ultimately sustained

Climate Chance was born in the wake of the Climate and Territories Summit in Lyon, which was held before COP21 in 2015. The association is proud to bring together a diversity of non-state actors (local authorities, companies). , NGOs, trade unions, scientific community…) despite being recognized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The project is the emergence of common priorities and proposals.

→ analysis. The IPCC is concerned with the already “irreversible” effects of climate change

The conduct of the summit was the subject of discussions that ended just days ago, with the health crisis looming over uncertainty. Meanwhile, the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine and its intensity forced the organizers to adjust their schedule. The mayor of Warsaw and the Romanian senator must speak. Participants will adopt, at 11:30, a “Joint Declaration”To which the elected officials of the communes and the Loire-Atlantique department are invited.

Local elected officials highlights

The rally honors elected officials in cities where most greenhouse gas emissions are concentrated. Therefore, we call on Climate Chance, the need to network their advisors to share solutions, in order to achieve the ambitious goal accepted by “Fit for 55”, or more than 1990 and by 2030, To reduce 55% of the net. greenhouse gas emissions. An important step ahead of carbon neutrality set for 2050.

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While organizers are expecting a thousand participants, about thirty roundtables are expected from 200 to 300 speakers, including experts. ” high level “ : the terminology used by the states and which reminds us that the phenomenon is constructed “in collaboration” With the French presidency of the European Union. Following Alok Sharma, former chairman of JIAC (Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Climate Change) or COP26, we will find the Egyptian and Indonesian environment ministers … not necessarily French: Barbara Pompilly, announced for Monday , video only from Paris But was able to speak at the round table.

Similar strategy for peace and climate

The summit does not rule out any major issues of the energy transition: transportation, urban planning, food, the circular economy, the fingerprint… Environmental Senator and President of Climate Chance, Ronan Dentek, expects the summit to guide the direction of the energy transition. will accelerate and in consideration with our partners, the autonomy of Europe with the development of renewable energy western franceOf “Strategies to meet the challenges of peace and climate are the same”Not forgetting the extent to which the conflict in Eastern Europe instills a special atmosphere at this summit.

After a COP26 that had disappointing results and eight months after COP27, Egypt was set for it, without losing the imperative of maintaining an ongoing relationship between civil society and governments.


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