In Rome it is already a return to the past. Many councilors are close to Zingaretti.

  In Rome it is already a return to the past.  Many councilors are close to Zingaretti.

Twelve councilors, with full gender equality, but also nine proxies all retained. Sixteen days after the election, Roberto Gualtieri Untie the knots and introduce your team (read the article). A council that is a synthesis of the broad coalition that supported the demo, made up of both politicians and technicians, which however looks to the past and which shows a clear ‘gypsy’ impression.

There is no doubt among those returning to the Capitol Sylvia Scozzi (pictured) That leaves the Ministry of Economy to deal with the accounts of the capital. He was assigned the dual role of deputy mayor and assessor for the budget, the latter role already held in 2014 with the then mayor. ignazio marino. Another historical name is that of a senator. miguel gotor, with a solid past in the Democratic Party in the ranks of Luigi Bersani loyalists, but then the one who turned the wind, preferring MDP-Article 1, which was assigned the Department of Culture and which falls under the quota of ‘technicians’ Is.

Scrutinizing under different names, here are more or less iron gypsies: sabrina alphonsi, former Mini Mayor of the Historic Center from 2013 to 2021 who will tackle agriculture, the environment and the waste cycle; eugenio bridge Joe leaves Pisana to take over the management of transport in Rome where he took on the role of chairman of the Mobility Commission; Maurizio Velocia, who is the deputy head of Zingaretti’s cabinet, as well as the former mini-mayor of Rome, who is assigned the city planning department.

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Another name that comes back is of alessandro onorato, which is tasked with the Department of Tourism, Major Events and Sports, enters the city council in 2008 as a Democratic Party candidate. He then moved to the UDC, being in opposition during the era of Gianni Alemano, while in 2013 he . entered the civil project of alfio marchini, with whom he was re-elected councillor, often ended up voluntarily clashing with then-mayor Merino. Three of these new councilors, Alfonsi, Patan and Onorato, had been affected in the past by Middle World investigations, which first ended on the register of suspects and were later archived on input by the prosecutor’s office.

other names. Other evaluators are: monica lucarelli those entrusted with the powers of production activities and equal opportunities; Andrea Caterci Decentralization, partnerships and services in the region will follow; Barbara Funari who are responsible for social and health policies; Claudia Pratelli There will be powers in school, training and work; Ornella Counters They are for public works and infrastructure; Tobia Zevic, known to run in the centre-left primaries in 2020 for the choice of the mayoral candidate, who was entrusted with the Department of Heritage and Housing Policy.

Nine proxies that Gualtieri kept for himself, namely: Investment Attraction, Climate, Investment, Personnel, Pnrr, International Relations, Security and Digital Transition and Universities. In the meantime, for the future, the mayor says he is prepared to engage the opposition on the city’s major dossiers, giving the presidency of the commissions for Expo 2030 and Jubilee. According to rumours, the first thing to think about is the former mayor. Virginia Raggi, another a. For carlo calenda.

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