In search of Europe’s lost garden: horticulture tourism resumes

In search of Europe's lost garden: horticulture tourism resumes

There are lots of ways to travel. In the slow, trendy mode, in the name of luxury or low cost, and of course in the green, alone or in company. The ways and fashions of going on vacation are already known. But not everyone knows (yet) the “new” gardening tourism. Continuing excellence and of which Italy, without doing too much, is perhaps the most surprising basin. and inviting. As an open-air garden museum, a city defined the “Gardens of Europe” from the time of the Grand Tour. The spirit and passion to revisit Italy’s beauties can be discovered through historic gardens Secret Garden Garden Tour, for 27 years of activity specialized in the growth of Italian and foreign botanical heritage with a book of over four hundred visits. Headquartered in the center of Tucia, in Viterbo, is a land rich in gardens and wonderful rural landscapes, from which the project was born in 1994 from the intuition of two women, friends and garden enthusiasts. A tourist proposal conceived as a “mission” to spread the culture of the gardens, to favor the influx of the public, and to make the Italian botanical treasure an important part of the Italian cultural heritage. Always identifying new and unreleased ones, to be offered to the public. Italy and abroad.

Next departure, on 6 July to visit the wonderful gardens of Surrey, England, on the occasion of the new edition of RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival, propagated by The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) until 9 July in the small town of East Molesey, Surrey (south of London, the nearest countryside to the metropolis). Between designs and garden shows designed to inspire gardeners and lovers, you will be accompanied by the Clermont Gardens created by the most important landscape gardeners of the eighteenth century at Hampton Court Palace Gardens, home to the largest elegant floral display in the world. of greenery with different interests. It will be possible to visit more than 50 gardens that have been established, including the water garden and the most innovative conceptual garden. And more immersion in the landscape of the world with the forest bathing garden in nature and in the iconic garden of Sarah Eberle’s horticultural hero that alone is worth the trip.


A tourism sector capable of generating a highly respectable economic spur: Before the pandemic, horticultural tourism, as defined internationally, attracted more than 8 million visitors to Italy. Now that we see an end to the health emergency, hopes for a resumption of green tourism are high, even in light of the overwhelming need on the part of the public to rely on the beauty and comfort of nature to overcome the difficult pandemic is too much. Because every journey to the green can turn into a personal rebirth. Such tourism is also capable of triggering a virtuous circuit over territories: it generates “value” for a quality tourist target, aware and willing to appreciate local excellence and traditions. It creates skilled jobs connected to the world of culture and fits into a strong contemporary context in line with eco-friendly alternatives, so much so that it is also recognized by the NRP’s funds and in line with new principles for conservation. Nature. An economy that becomes a source of financing for the maintenance of this wonderful green heritage, to pass it along with the times and preserve its beauty.


Destination to choose? There are actually many options. Italy has more than 40 itineraries between the north, south and islands with over 100 gardens to explore and many private treasures especially to behold. Italy has more than half of the flora present in Europe, with over 5,000 different plant species occupying just 30% of the entire continental area. An unacceptable natural landscape to reproduce. some examples? From the most elusive Salento to the evocative blooms of Sardinia, from the Kalanchoe gardens to the eternal charm of the Roman countryside to the iconic landscapes of Crete Senesi. Il Giardino Segreto Garden Tours walks like a real garden hunter in a constant and joyful search for new routes capable of recreating the most pleasant synthesis of the relationship between man and nature. For this reason, the management of the trip is entrusted to a pool of botanists, art historians and landscape architecture experts.


Each path is designed as a set of special encounters with those who have dedicated their lives to the art of gardens, unique and irreverent experiences that open doors to private and exclusive gardens that are the owners themselves and the Told by extraordinary companions. And if you want to leave Italy for a trendy “return” grand tour, that is, from Italy to abroad, the choice of destinations is truly endless: exploring the essence of the garden from the castles, islands and gardens of Scotland and England. Or aim for Germany, visit the Dutch Wave and the water gardens of Overijssel or take yourself away from the wild charm of the Azores and Portugal. And then abroad! In Boston and New York, enter the parks and most sophisticated residences of the East Coast as far as North Africa, into Morocco to discover the city of roses, Kelat Ma’gouna.


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