Incendiary post for Barbara D’Urso, who teases her fans with two shots (and a very hot body)

Incendiary post for Barbara D'Urso, who teases her fans with two shots (and a very hot body)

Photo Credit: Francisco Prandoni – Getty Images

It has always divided the public between those who find it very much And what is it that loves her passionate and prima donna. which cannot be denied Barbara D’Urso Its beauty is: bursting out, destiny, like a true pin-up. A beauty that, among other things, has remained perfectly with time: for the series, 64 years old (past 7 May) and not showing them. To prove: Two pictures in a mini swimsuit taken in the swimming poola Joe, after the TV presenter posted on his Instagram profile, showered compliments that read “What a narcissism!” and “a big ego”. Instead of being tempted by an attitude of jealousy and acidic hatred, why not simply praise Barbara D’Urso’s curvy and muscular body? Eddie!

60. How to keep your breasts and buttocks toned after?

Clinica Dvora Milano’s beauty therapist Dr. According to Dvora Ancona, “looking for protocols aimed at enlarging the breast and buttock areas for over 60s – two strengths of the body Barbara D’Urso There are two treatments to consider. Number one: Sculpture, a bio-reconstitution method that uses polylactic acid To enhance tone and plump up the empty tissue of the buttocks (this happens with age), promises a natural volume and a soft and ultra-smooth skin texture. number two: Planet Breast, a protocol that uses CO2 laser energy To tone and firm the neckline, naturally elevate the breasts and trigger beneficial stimulation of collagen. Also useful against stretch marks on the décolleté, it gives a lift-up and anti-aging effect from the first session”.


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