IPCC Report: ‘Attention to Social Consequences’

IPCC Report: 'Attention to Social Consequences'

NS Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)Published today, there is a call to action, according to leftists and environmentalists. The Federal Council promises to stand out on an international level.

Switzerland will strive for effective protection from global change at the 26th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change to the United Nations (COP26) scheduled for November in Glasgow (Scotland, UK), Responsible Federal Councilor Simonetta Somaruga assured in a tweet today . Federal Department of Environment, Transportation, Energy and Communications (DETEC).

Verdi, Greenpeace, WWF, SES: Take Action!

The IPCC report clearly shows that the climate crisis continues unabated. “Following the ‘no’ CO2 law, Switzerland must now do everything possible to achieve the Paris climate goals,” national councilor Kurt Egger (Greens/TG) said in a statement.

The party calls on Parliament to implement unquestionable elements of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act (CO2 Act), including climate-friendly financial center measures, promoting climate protection through a fund and limiting emissions for vehicles is included.

Greenpeace, WWF Switzerland and the Swiss Energy Foundation (SES) say the growing number of disasters that are sweeping the world is a warning. Greenpeace climate expert George Klingler argues that, following the rejection of the CO2 Act, there is a need to find ways to protect the climate that are acceptable to the majority. “Politics and the economy are doing very little against the climate crisis,” adds the climate strike collective on Twitter.

Since three-quarters of Switzerland’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated in the energy sector, the rapid expansion of renewable vectors is the most effective climate protection measure, the SES explains in a statement. The main political tool to change things is the federal law on a safe power supply with renewable energy, which is on the agenda in the autumn session of the chambers. A consensus needs to be created so that investment in renewable energy is attractive and the huge potential is tapped,

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There is also no time to waste for WWF Switzerland: “the window of opportunity for the fight against global warming” will soon close, they write.

Caritas and GISO: a focus on social consequences

Climate change affects everyone, but the poorest are most affected, warns Caritas in a stance to Switzerland. The IPCC document is “extremely worrying”.

Climate change is spiraling out of control, says humanitarian organization on Twitter. “That’s why we’re fighting for climate justice”.

Still on the same social network Socialist Youth (GISO) is also a spokesperson for social concerns. “We have a choice: a good quality of life for all or vandalism and anarchy”, write the youth of PS.


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