Italy beat Sweden and Finland

Italy beat Sweden and Finland

Very good Italy To Las Vegas, the second day of world Cup the sad Claudio Pecia Great reaction after first loss against LA Scotland And on the ice Orleans ArenaThey first impose themselves on the favorite SwedenAnd after this Finland, for the first two fundamental victories National In the competition: nine games from the end of the first round robin phase, the fight for the top six positions is very open. In the first match against Sweden EdinItaly – took to the track with Joel Ritornazzi, Sebastiano Arman, Simone Gonin And amos mosaner – Steals two hands immediately in the first two ends and then pays the points of three opponents in the third round. Blue’s response comes with two goals in the fourth while the Swedish point in the fifth brings the game back to full parity at the interval. In the second half of the game Sweden left only one point for Italy in sixth and eighth ends, receiving two points in return in both seventh and ninth. The unthinkable, however, happens in the tenth when Retornaz and his teammates – down two – sign a four-point hand that gives our team a 10-8 victory.

Italy-Finland, another comeback

And the comeback was also against Finland in the second match of the day. At 2–2 after two rounds, the Blues stole a hand in the third end and scored only four points in the fourth. Under 6–3, Italy returned to a draw with three goals in the first fifth, then stole twice in the sixth and seventh, leaving Finland only one point in the eighth round. There were two deciding points here along with the ninth hand that closed the match at 10-7. Another challenge now awaits the Italian team which has a very high coefficient of difficulty, namely the match against CanadaOne of the Sacred Demons of World Curling is scheduled for Monday 4 April at 11 p.m. Italian time, 2 p.m. local time.

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