Italy defeated Canada and Russia. Olympics forward and away – OA Sport

  Italy defeated Canada and Russia.  Olympics forward and away - OA Sport

Fifth day of Negative curling World Cup for Italy, of course. Azzurri lost both matches against Canada (7-4) and Russia (8-7). The national team will try again to remove the pass for Olympic Games Beijing Winter 2022 is reserved for the six best round robin players, even if the situation is very compromising. Azzurri currently sits eighth in the first 9 matches with scores of 4 wins and 5 defeats, and will have to change gears to reach the five-circle goal.

Joel Retornaz, Amos Mosner, Sebastiano Armaan, Mattia Giovanella They lost the match Canada Who has imposed himself 7-4. And to think that Azzuri immediately got off to a very strong start, stealing his opponents’ hand in the other end (1-0). After a lone point from the North Americans, Azurri managed to bring two very important points to the fourth end (3-1) for the economy of the match. Unfortunately, in this momentItaly It pays dearly for an empty route. The Azzurri are unable to clear two Canadian stones (3-3) and the North Americans stole hands by placing three points (3-6) in the sixth end. The backlash is too heavy for Azzurri and Canada He checks in just by closing 7-4.

Very close match between our national team and Russian. Azzurri tries to make things immediately clear by putting two points on the scoresheet at the other end and stealing the resulting hand in the third (3-1) home to the stone. UnfortunatelyItaly Even under this circumstance, he will be forced to pay only one end, the fourth, in order to distract the beloved. Russia Scores four points that fix partial (3-5). After managing to take home two stones in the next two hands, the contenders reach the eighth end on a score of 5-7 for the Russian. Unfortunately, Azzurri is once again stolen and the two points won in the ninth end only serve to reduce the defeat (7-7).

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Italy will be back on ice To face today at 22.00 Norway Whereas tomorrow, on 8 April, they will have to contend with Scotland. If they still intend to fulfill the Olympic dream, Azurri is called upon to win both challenges.

World Curing Ranking 2021

1. Norway 7 wins (8 games played)
2. Canada 7 (9)
2. Russia 7 (9)
2. Scotland 7 (9)
2. Sweden 7 (9)
6. USA 5 (8)
7. Switzerland 5 (9)
8. Italy 4 (9)
9. Japan 2 (8)
9. Germany 2 (8)
9. Denmark 2 (8)
12. South Korea 2 (9)
12. China 2 (9)
13. Netherlands 1 (8)

Photo: Lapres


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