Japan sets new rules for whiskey

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Whiskey is becoming increasingly popular from Japan, but the original’s designation has not yet been preserved. As long as the spirit was bottled in the country, no matter where it was distilled.

However, this is changing now, as the Japan Spirits and Liquor Makers Association (JSLMA) has Set new specificationsStating that all production must take place in Japan.

Whiskey should not have anything to do with Japan

The guidelines state that whiskey that was only partially produced in Japan can no longer bear the word “Japanese” on the label. All references to the country should also be removed, including the flag and the Kanji script.

The new rules of the non-state trade group of the country’s main producers will come into force on April 1 for new products. For the whiskey that is currently being produced, manufacturers have until March 31, 2024 to meet the requirements.

The requirements are to be officially adopted by the government

JSLMA believes that the Japanese government will officially adopt the requirements and this will also affect international trade agreements.

The effects of the new requirements can already be felt. Japan’s second largest whiskey manufacturer, Nikka, had already announced on its website that it would now differentiate between bottles.

“Some Nikka products do not meet the requirements of ‘Japanese whiskey’, as some blends include whiskey outside of Japan, particularly from Scotland,” a company spokesperson said. “Nikka’s priority is to create an excellent and consistent flavor profile, which is why they chose not to change the liquids to meet the new standards.”

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With Japanese whiskey already receiving high prices, JSLMA assumes that the new specifications will ensure that demand for certain types will continue to increase, and with it, prices will rise.


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