Johnson in the Storm: Private Apartment Renovation Investigation Begins

Johnson in the Storm: Private Apartment Renovation Investigation Begins

Instead of Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds, during the lockdown last year, her mom began some very expensive renovations using quality materials and high-profile interior designers. According to rumors, a new couch costs £ 9,500, hundreds of pounds of wallpaper per square meter and so on. The total cost has not been disclosed, but according to some it is over £ 200,000.

Reliable sources claim that Lord Brownlow, the party’s wealthy supporter, would have donated at least £ 58,000 to the Conservative Party, which then reversed from the funds given to Johnson to appear legitimate. The opposition Labor Party is calling for an investigation into those days in what it has called a “clear cover-up effort”.

Private financing risk

It was also confirmed that former Labor Chancellor of the state exchequer Alastair Darling had been invited to preside over a “trust” to raise funds for the renovation of the apartment, but warned of the risk of resorting to private financiers Was, which then asked for favors and preferential treatment.

Johnson and his government enjoyed high rates of popularity thanks to the success of the mass vaccination program, which has allowed the economy to slowly reopen. More than half of the population has received the first dose, and one in four citizens has already received two. However, at a crucial political moment the scandal damaged the Prime Minister’s reputation. In a week, there will be elections for the renewal of municipal and regional councils in England and the choice of “metro mayor” for large cities including London.

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Instead, in Scotland and Wales, voting for the renewal of Parliament is the first electoral trial since December 2019, when Johnson won in Westminster by an absolute majority. The vote would indicate the mood of citizens after Brexit and after the epidemic and three lockdowns.


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