Journey to Faula, the Island at the End of the World

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One ferry a day, three times a week. So – or with a short flight – you can reach that Faula, Shetland’s most remote island, Politically related to Scotland, Faula though lies halfway between the United Kingdom and Norway. It is located 32 km from the mainland, the main island of Shetland, and is approximately 8 km long. Dominated for years by Nordic peoples, Faula was the last place in Great Britain to abandon the Norse language (in the 18th century), but still retains some Nordic words, especially when it comes to naming birds. Its great hero. island.

constantly beaten by the wind From early autumn to almost late spring, Faula is home to thousands of birds. And not only this, more than a hundred live here. native sheepname just like the island and something shetland pony, This is the man who is in the clear minority, there are only 30 people living there.

A pony in Faula.


Faula sheep are the island’s native species and an important voice of the island’s economy.

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just because of the large amount birds Hosting – some all year round, other migratory species only in summer – is much favored by island enthusiasts bird watching, But outside this category, Faula is not a very popular tourist destination and it is not hard to see why. In fact, it’s not for everyone: there are no attractions or monuments and no bars or pubs or even shops. There are two pensions, The Burns Cottage And Risti Faula Accommodation and some camps. Those who arrive should be arranged (including food) and prepared to postpone their departure. In fact, especially from October to the end of April storms of the atlantic They are so strong that mainland connections can be suspended over and over again. Sometimes ferries (and flights) can take a few weeks to leave. Surprising for visitors, but not for who lives there And he is used to the months of rain, darkness and constant wind that almost can’t do without it,

In Faula, from the autumnal equinox to the end of April/May, winds are persistent and storms can become so strong that connections are disrupted.

Michel D’Amico Superski77

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