Kovid Piedmont, 2018 new infections and 22 deaths: Bulletin

Kovid Piedmont, 2018 new infections and 22 deaths: Bulletin


Minister Cartabia says, “Justice is not a breakdown but a common path”

AGI – Process Improvement, Recovery Planning, Negotiation and Discussion on Justice Issues. A ‘road map’ that Justice Minister Marta Cartabia presented to the parliamentary forces of the majority, with the aim of re-establishing the arbitration method and “centrality of parliament” implemented through Arneula in the first days of his mandate. “If we want to create a common path, justice should not be broken”, the Minister of Justice said at the conclusion of the meeting held today with the chairmen and group leaders of the House and Senate Justice Commission. “We must have – Cartabia – the desire to understand the causes of others”. On the one hand, therefore, the “open construction site” of recovery with the urgency dictated by the health emergency – digitization, trial offices, competitions – on the other hand, “reforms that Europe asks of us”, especially those on civil and criminal law and the judiciary Processes In the latter, the orientation set by Cartabia begins with ‘already exists,’ i.e., from a delegated bill approved by the delegation, in a meeting with the majority group of chairmen and justice committees. Previous Government and now under consideration by Parliament: The Minister intends to introduce amendments to texts prepared by former Justice Alfonso Bonafed by the end of April, with hopes of reaching approval of reforms before summer. Therefore, Carabia asks parliamentary forces a little more time to introduce these changes: In fact, restricted working groups will be able to evaluate ministries that are sometimes the best solution for very divisive issues, such as leaflets. , That. The Keeper of Seals seeks to address within the framework of the biological reform of criminal prosecutions and in view of the constitutional principles of fair duration and due process. Another topic that has been found in today’s meeting, the oyster’s keeper, who is the European public prosecutor, is already at the center of the meeting last week with CSM vice-president David Irmini. For two oral test competitions for the bar examination, in addition to the declaration concerning prison administration staff, an urgent solution is needed for epidemic emergencies as the state examination for the legal profession is concerned, scheduled for 13 days Live and 15 April Next: Just yesterday, the Ministry of Justice received a negative opinion from the CTS on conducting written tests due to the risk of contagion. Therefore, through Arenula is working on an alternative hypothesis that has already been implemented in recent weeks and which will be set up in detail with a decree to get into CDM early: the test for the lawyers’ examination will be two, And will be oral only. The first will assess skills that would otherwise be at the heart of written exams, while the second will be in line with traditional oral. But to reach the latter, it will be necessary to successfully pass the first test. Finally, tax justice mentions the backlog situation, which may be at the center of a study table between Arenula and Mef. Strength of majority: “Good method, ready to cooperate” “Minister Cartabia today asked all majority forces for maximum cooperation to implement the country’s reforms as soon as possible: for recruitment and digitization, criminal and civil trials Investing in recovery. We. Joined the invitation and shared the lines and methodology the minister proposed to us “, notes Senator Franco Mirabelli of the Democratic Party, Democratic Party leader in the Justice Commission, and vice chairman of the group . And also action with Deputy Enrico Costa, “applauds some statements to the media and Minister Cartabia’s approach to in-depth study. Reform intervention of recovery proposal in the context of digitization and prison construction, focus on streamlining the profile of trials.” We get the objective of a reasonable period in its favor. Three delicate draft bills are pending in Parliament, Civil, Criminal, CSM, which require deep amendments, from the ground up: on this we will make our contribution “. The chairman of the Chamber’s Justice Commission, Mario Parentoni (M5s), also speaks of a “positive” meeting: “I share the indicated issues and the priorities of the proposed statutes to continue working with this majority.” Next, The work already begun on the reforms will be resumed: CSM and Criminal Litigation, two key issues on which we have already worked, will continue to work. ”The League, Chairman of the Senate Justice Commission With. Andrea Ostellari, she says she is “ready to cooperate” with Cartabia, and expresses “sharing” on “priorities, lines of intervention and time frames of road maps” from Leu Federico Conte Has been done.

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