» La Gazzetta di Lucca to Lucca countrymen who have established themselves abroad. has been awarded

 » La Gazzetta di Lucca to Lucca countrymen who have established themselves abroad.  has been awarded


Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 08:41

by Francesca Sargentic

Prizes were presented to the people of Lucca who made their mark abroad yesterday afternoon in San Micheletto, Lucca. The ceremony, which turns 50 this year, was established by the Lucca del Mondo Association and the Lucca Mondo Chamber of Commerce and rewards Lucca’s countrymen, who work in the fields of entrepreneurship and work, businesses, culture and volunteering. are doing. Contributing to the economic and social development of the host countries by keeping the name of Lucca and its province high.

“Strengthening research and ties with the native land – declared Giorgio Bartoli, extraordinary commissioner of the Lucca Chamber of Commerce – is a necessity for each of us, today you are a testimony to an international dimension that our community has. and I am happy to recall that in almost every sphere of economy and civil life, we are witness to the humane and entrepreneurial qualities of our countrymen.”

A community, of the people of Lucca in the world, who, despite going elsewhere in search of fortune, have and continue to always have their heart in the original city.

“The people of Lucca have always distinguished themselves – underlined Alessandro Tambellini, Mayor of the Municipality of Lucca – for their ingenuity and sense of dedication to work, and have always expressed their skills outside the boundaries of their regions. is useful to the family and to the entire community of origin.”

“Today’s meeting with the people of Lucca in the world – said Lucca Province President Luca Menesini – is important and a treasure of our region. Discovery must be cultivated. Relationships with you fellow citizens in the world that must be kept alive and active, as they are opportunities for openness, exchange and attention that go beyond the “walls.”

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“Today’s ceremony is the most exciting appointment of the year for the donkey. Luchesi nel Mondo, – declared Ilaria del Bianco, president of the association, and it is an opportunity to learn about the stories of the migrants and youth who studied here and found his way abroad.”

These are the people of Lucca who were present at the ceremony today and received the “Luchesi who have distinguished themselves abroad” awards from the Lucca Chamber of Commerce and the Luchesi Nail Mondo Association:

Michael Guido Biaggi (Scotland)

Damiano Carrara (California)

Camilla Colonerie (Holland)

Peri di Girolamo (United States of America)

Mauro Fabry (Sweden)

Pietro Renzo Fortini (Canada)

Raymond Robert Isola (USA)

Stefano Menconi (United States of America)

Susan Pucci (United States of America)

Carlo Sufredini (Spain)

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