La Milanesiana 2022 – Friday 10 June “Canto Popolare” at the cinema Mexico

La Milanesiana 2022 - Friday 10 June

Milaneseana, Conceived and directed by Elisabetta Sagarby, Comes to Cinema Mexico in Milan on Friday 10 June (via Savona, 57) with appointment”popular songs,

The special evening will begin with recitations by the lyricist and writer pacificactor’s Luca Simonetta Sandri and journalist, writer and theater director Gerolamo piero colaprico,

To Follow, Concert D Chorus of NOVI’s World EI Flexus,

Start at 21.00. Tickets (full €5) available at the Cinema Mexico ticket office.

The appointment will also appear in streaming on and the La Milanesiana channel.

Luca Simonetta Sandri

Since 1979 he has acted in theatre, cinema, radio and television with many great interpreters of Italian theatre, such as Tino Carraro, Ernesto Calindri, Gianrico Tedeschi, Ferruccio Soleri, Fiorenza Marchegiani, Maddalena Crippa, Franco Branciaroli, Paolo Rossi. , Gino Bramieri , Gigi Proetti, directed by Luigi Squarzina, Lamberto Pugelli, Vito Molinari, Gino Landi, Filippo Crivelli and many others. He made his debut in a musical comedy by Umberto Simonetta with original songs by Giorgio Gerber, then passed smoothly to the films of the Vanzina brothers with music by Moliere and Bertolazzi and in the television magazine with Franchi and Ingracia. With Simonetta he collaborated for 20 years on several theatrical projects for all types of media. He staged two plays by Dario Fo with Enzo Iacchetti under the direction of the Nobel Prize. He starred in two one-act acts by Indro Montanelli (“he protested” And “Cesare and Silla”) directed by Luca Di Filippo and Andrey Ruth Shamma. He collaborates as an actor with the Franco Parenti Theater and with the direction of Maurizio Micheli (“strehler wanted me” And “lonely man standing in line“) and two for music (“)i love you” And “amazing wonderettes“). For more than 20 years he has been engaged as a dubbing director and dialogue adaptor for a number of films and television series, some of which are memorable (“how i met your motherAbove all), receiving many awards. He made up for the novel’s dramatic shortcoming”Morning“By Umberto Simonetta, recently republished by Baldini + Castoldi.

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piero colaprico

Currently director of the theater Gerolamo, author (his latest books are “shrimp strategy“, Feltrinelli, and”lead ring“, Mondadori), journalist (former special correspondent and editor-in-chief of the Milan branch of the Republica), has been riding a motorcycle for more than half a century and is convinced that literature is similar to road holding, without knowing how to brake you don’t accelerate And often those who have fallen have learned better than others not to make mistakes. But then it rains, there is heat, there is traffic, mud, dry leaves, distracted motorists: there is no life without the unknown And there is no art, perhaps not even air. Together with Pietro Valpreda he gave life to a spy Marshal Binda without prejudice. He was the first to write two expressions in the newspaper that remain in memory and have become international: Tangentopoli and Bunga Bunga. But he claims to be more “avid” of his crime news articles.


Pacifico, Luigi di Crecenzo’s stage name, was born and raised in Milan. One of the most respected musician, author, author and songwriter, he has released six records and one EP to his name. He has collaborated with major Italian artists. As an interpreter, he has participated in the Sanremo Festival twice, in 2004 and 2018. He has received many awards, including Tenko Opera Prima, Targa Tenko Best Song of the Year, Best Music Award at Sanremo Festival. He has sung duets with some of the greatest Italian and international artists including Ivano Fossati, Marisa Monte, Ana Moura. His most recent record is “heaven was enough“(2019). He worked for the cinema and his songs”coming yearNominated for “Song of the Year as Nastri d’Argento 2021. For the theater he wrote and performed a monologue,”boxing in milan“. He has published a short collection of ideas titled “flies“(2019) and two novels”I gave you a kiss while you were sleeping“(new version 2021) and”me and my family of barbarians“(2022).

Chorus of NOVI’s World

A unique choir in the world, which, with commitment and perseverance, tries to make a living through singing, the spirit of a profession that does not exist today, but which has represented a class of workers who are known to be the cause of development and revolution. Considered a symbol of feminism, a forerunner of the great historical event, a witness and hero of political and trade union struggles. In this spirit, since 1972, the choir, composed of “true mondariso” by Mandine’s daughters and grandsons and women who love popular traditions, is committed to ensuring that this history is not lost and, even if He may not know the music, it depends on the ear and the voice, according to those who listen to him, a chorale is obtained that moves and joins. The choir, established and directed for over 30 years by maestro Torino Giulioli, was then directed for twenty years by Maria Giulia Contri. Since 2022, Giulia Burney, the youngest in the choir, is the new artistic director. In its 50 years of activity, the choir has given concerts in France, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Crimea, Argentina, Scotland, Poland and Ireland. In Argentina he participated in the Canta Pueblo festival as an Italian representative. In 2008 they landed in the United States for a short tour, which culminated at the Festival of Colors in Toronto (Canada). Multiple collaborations: Modena City Ramblers, Gang, Flexus, Goran Bregovic (with whom he sang in front of over 100,000 people at the 2012 Taranta Night). documentary”mother to daughterThe 2008 chorus directed by Andrea Zambelli focused entirely on the history of Rai Cinema and has been presented repeatedly on Rai 5.

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Flexus has been riding the music scene with its personal rock art since 2001. Karpi’s band has 7 albums to his credit, with hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad (Spain, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland). Following in the footsteps of the Best Writers School, his voice is bound by rock, folk, acoustic and ethnic nuances. Without losing the authenticity and taste of your land. On 30 September 2021 he released his seventh album “the orchestra will no longer play“expected during the year by individuals”Where were you,ten little tricks,after that you” And “all fault is love“And related video clips. They celebrate their twentieth anniversary with a sold-out concert at the Teatro Comunale di Carpi. Together with the Mondine di Novi Choir on 1 May 2020, they released the single “fist in pocket”: A song of strength and hope in the time of lockdown, which garners thousands of consents on the web. He has collaborated with Massimo Ranieri, Noemi, the Orchestra of Italian Opera, and several realities of the independent Italian Theatre.

La Milanesiana is the largest travel festival that promotes dialogue between the arts and This year it is returning with its 23rd edition which is dedicated to the theme of OMISSIONS. an international festival that weaves The relationship between literature, music, cinema, science, art, philosophy, theatre, law, economics and sports And he becomes the hero of Italian summers more and more year after year. 4 June to 3 Augustmilanesiana will really arrive 20 cities different with ahead 60 Meetings and Eventsmore and more welcome 150 Italian and International Guests, As in all editions, the arts play an important role within the festival which will be held well this year 9 exhibitions throughout Italy, 4 June to 15 September, The list of exhibitions organized by La Milanesiana this year is published by the Elisabetta Sagarbi Foundation. painted roses by franco batiatowhich has been a symbol of La Milanesiana since the first edition, It was remodeled this year by Franco Achilli. Milanesiana is organized by Imarts International Music & Arts And Elisabetta Sagarby Foundationwith Protection of the Municipality of Milan and of Lombardy region. Main sponsors of La Milanesiana: Elixir, Caripolo Foundation, Municipality of Bormio, Rotary Club Bormio Contia, Intesa SanpaoloVolvo, Milan Ceravale – Milan Tangenzial, ENEL, Konad, Graphica Veneta.

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