Labor Party, New Course Keir Starrer

Labor Party, New Course Keir Starrer

It is indeed true that the Labor Party under the leadership of Keer Starr has radically changed its political initiative. There is no trace of his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn’s maximal declarations other than his focus on work and social issues, but it is on economic issues and international politics that differences are most marked. For example, on Brexit, Starmer, a pro-European, a convinced supporter, criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson after the victory of the referendum and rode to a close discussion to consider each other’s proposal. implement it. Starmer had an easy game of criticizing the Conservative government that it closed at the last minute, even after pending questions. Labor has raised the discontent of English and Scottish fishermen, who are completely dissatisfied with the agreement with Ursula von der Leyen, chairman of the European Commission, who, in their opinion, punished them at the expense of French, Belgian and Dutch boats. Huh. Of which he was assured that there are a large quantity of cod and other species of fish in the English sea. Therefore a criticism is not of Brexit itself, but a placement in front of the electorate as the party responsible for the government, as a way of enforcing it, only as a force of protest and protest. And the confirmation that the whole party is now involved in this new political strategy, except for small groups of people indifferent to Corbyn’s old management, has taken heart to the electoral campaign for administrative offices in London in the last few days. .

The capital mayor of the capital, Sadiq Khan, who intends to reappear, has occupied positions in the economic sphere, eroding the consensus of conservatives, in fact on a level that has always been The party has been completely dominated. Khan criticized the Brexit agreement signed by Johnson before Christmas because it supported European exporters in the United Kingdom, while neglecting the city’s financial services, an essential area for the British economy and containing more than one million jobs. And includes operations. And this is a loss to the financial sector, sacrificed to close the agreement with the European Union, causing losses and worries not only between the London capital and the wealthiest sections, but also on the rest of the region as it moves to employment. Causing collapse. In addition, expected tax revenues are running with negative results, in particular to less well off on the effectiveness and quality of public services. And on one side Khan and Starr on the other hand are consenting parade of the charisma of Orthodox and Boris Elizabeth elites Their complete dominance in the past over the financial and operational and working world that revolved around them. On 6 May, some local elections, along with the Mayor and London Municipal Assembly elections, will tell us whether Labor has managed to regain lost consent in recent years by regaining the primary role it enjoyed with Tony Blair. This will inevitably be a test of national importance in a period that has seen the government of Boris Johnson at times, due to the coronovirus epidemic, Brexit, Scotland’s independence requests.

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