Lange. huge benches in the secret places of

 Lange.  huge benches in the secret places of

His name is Chris Bangle and he is a designer born 65 years ago in Ravenna, but he has nothing to do with Romagna as it is an equal and dedicated city in Ohio. If anything, it has a strong and definite bond with lunge, after relocating from the US to Clavesana (Cuneo) with his wife Catherine in 2009, began designing the now successful cars for the world’s most important brands – from Opel to Fiat coupes, every range from the Alfa 145 to BMW until – but a series of giant bench ‘monuments’ dominated by the top of the langue, but which Chris has now exported to other Italian regions (Valle d’Aosta, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Liguria, Campania), But also exported to Scotland and Poland. Big benches grow over 180 meters and are immersed in nature with small villages or woods, which should be friendly and respectful as a sign of human presence. They are also a potential rest for those who walk the wide Langhe region, known for its wines, hazelnuts and truffles.

big bench community project That bangle holding is not for profit. Technical support is provided for those who wish to build a new large official bench and create products inspired by them combined with the excellence of local craftsmanship. All to make a small contribution to the local economy and tourism. “The Giant Bench – the Piedmont-based American designer now says satisfied – inspires a positive sentiment for the people and the region. Proceeds to the community from those creating a new work go to support the local communities involved in the administration “. Giant Bench No. 1 is located in the small town of Clavasana in Borgata Gorria. The dominant color is red and it is very suggestive to photograph after ‘climbing’ the legs of the bench. “It helps to be a little kid again”, smiles Chris Bangle, who has always believed in this initiative and in the potential of the region he has chosen to live after the glory of USA. But despite the initiative’s great interest and success, its creator still has one dream: “Perhaps one day we will see a ‘bench of peace’ in a truly turbulent region of the world, with the opportunity to sit, look at things from a new perspective.” desperately needed.”

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distribution over the area of giant bench Allows you to discover places of great attraction, but usually unrelated to mass tourism. However, the creation of these artifacts has led to a greater knowledge of fascinating places, such as Clavasana Alley, which are always worth exploring with the utmost respect for nature. But there are also places where giant benches refer to the region’s iconic characters and the deepest economy of lange: Santo Stefano Belbo is the birthplace of Cesare Paves; Dogliani and Canelli are the two ‘capitals’ of Italian winemaking and beyond. is a site created by Bangle.


Pearl Piedmontese in the midst of history and landscape

The sentence is very simple: Byleza Foundation

This Piedmontese pearl is often confused with only its industrial side – especially textiles – what it deserves in relation to tourism which is based not only on a clear area where the most diverse activities can be carried out, but also for its beauty. It is also based on architecture. Biella’s historic buildings in the Piazzo district are exceptional examples. The President of the Foundation, Paolo Zegna (from a family of entrepreneurs) is certain: “Making a difference in proposition can only be good for our economy”.

monferrato chestnut

Benedictine Bell interest to taste and search again

A native vine of the province of Asti or a digression into a variety of Piedmontese oenology for the increasingly surprising results of its seven municipalities: Ruche, an aromatic and ‘unloaded’ ruby ​​red wine, known since 1200. The Benedictines of San Rocco to whom we are indebted. The nerve center of production is Castagnole Monferrato. The DOCG expansion, obtained in 2010, while the DOC dates back to 1987, corresponds to approximately 110 hectares of vineyards with a yield of 90 quintals each. The wine is perfect for savory cheeses, bagna cauda, ​​agnolotti and game, typical of the region’s cuisine

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Manta Castle Monviso. Under the Marquisate

Among assets managed by the fund in PiedmontThe Italian environment is worth a visit to Castello della Manta, in the province of Cuneo, a few kilometers from Saluzzo and already in its Marquisate. Against the backdrop of Monviso stands a medieval fortress with a solemn charm, one of the most stunning examples of profane Late Gothic painting in its baronial hall, inspired by themes from chivalrous novels.


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