Latest updates as Sturgeon Salmond censorship E! News defends UK

 Latest updates as Sturgeon Salmond censorship E!  News defends UK

Today’s Daily Policy Briefing

The country’s prime minister made the remarks on Wednesday after a meeting between British and European officials, which he described as “extremely disappointing”.

His party, the DUP, called for the removal of the protocol, blaming it for the post-Brexit trade disruption between Britain and Northern Ireland.

However, Sin Féin’s deputy prime minister, Michelle O’Neill, underlined the meeting as “very constructive”, adding that “both sides are committed to trying to find practical solutions”, including problems with supermarket supply chains Are included.

In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon insisted that political influence played no role in the decision to reduce the evidence presented by her predecessor Alex Salmond to an investigation dealing with harassment allegations leveled against her by the Scottish Government.

Holyrood Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said on Wednesday that the saga has brought scandal to Scottish democracy.


According to Hammond, government should be honest with the public

Ministers should be honest with the public about the state of the economy, warned former Chancellor Philip Hammond.

Speaking ahead of next week’s budget, Mr. Hammond expressed concern that the government would prioritize populism over balancing spending and taxation.

Lord Hammond called Boris Johnson’s promises “very extraordinary” before the epidemic and said that all “can no longer be reasonably kept.”

The former minister said accepting it would be “a major challenge for the government”, driven by its “short-term popularity”.


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Former Chancellor Philip Hammond spoke publicly about ‘Inside Truth’ about the economy


Rory SullivanFebruary 25, 2021 8:24 AM


Sturgeon says writing Salmond’s evidence is not political

Nicola Sturgeon asserts that it is “grossly inaccurate” to blame political influence for the decision to censor the evidence presented by her predecessor Alex Salmond in a pious inquiry.

Due to censorship, Mr. Salmond refused to appear for questioning on Wednesday.

He alleged that there was a “malicious and concerted effort” to remove him from politics through allegations of sexual harassment.

After the Scottish Government’s inquiry into complaints dealing with harassment complaints began, it was found that the allegations against Mr Salmond were ‘motivated by apparent bias’.

Our political editor Andrew Woodcock More information on the scandal that rocked Scottish politics:

Rory SullivanFebruary 25, 2021 at 8:08 am


Foster called EU officials “tone to def”

Arlene Foster called EU officials a “voice from the deaf” after a meeting yesterday on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The country’s prime minister said the talks were “extremely disappointing,” adding that the bloc had “refused to recognize the problems or offer appropriate solutions” following the Brexit trade disruption.

It also reiterated its call for Westminster to take “unilateral action” so that Northern Ireland would not remain “cut off” from the rest of Britain.

“The Prime Minister told the House of Commons that there would be unfit trade in Britain, but the Northern Ireland Protocol completely halted the flow of goods from Britain to the north of Ireland,” she said.

Rory SullivanFebruary 25, 2021 7:56 AM

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Welcome to morning and Free UK political coverage live.

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