Leaders have warned of a rise in COVID cases in Erie County

Leaders have warned of a rise in COVID cases in Erie County

Erie County, (WIVB) – New numbers of governor’s office fees show that Western New York continues to struggle with COVID-19.

State leaders say the region had a positive rate of 8.8 yesterday. Here in Erie County, there are 259 confirmed Covid-19s on Saturday.

Hamburg has more than 70 active coronavirus cases, the highest of any other area in Erie County. October Between October 31 and November 6, more than a thousand new COVID-19 cases were found in Erie County. So far, 111 Kovid patients have been hospitalized in western New York, 68 of them in Erie County.

County executive Mark Polonkars says he doesn’t want to see another shutdown but says we’re moving in that direction. Poloncars says it’s not a group or community that’s causing the increase, but it’s happening across the country. He says the issue is not because people are going back to school, rest restaurants or other businesses, people are gathering again in large numbers.

“Adults who attend adult Halloween parties in private residences are now getting sick of those who went to Halloween parties. This is exactly what we are talking about, you have to be careful. We know people like to have a good time, but unfortunately they are putting us in a situation where the numbers continue to increase, which we will leave without closing anything again. “

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Poloncars say county officials are working with the governor’s office fees to come up with plans to further limit the spread, especially as we go into the holiday season. Governor Rewandrew Cuomo is expected to make an announcement Monday in western New York about the increase in covid cases here.

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