leaf wonder in the world

leaf wonder in the world

with term leaves This indicates the moment in which the leaves of trees such as maple, oak and beech are all shades of red and yellow in contrast to the perennial green of firs and pines.

there are many places In this world In which to admire this phenomenon, the most evocative are Vermont and New Hampshire, two very different US states but united by the wonders of autumn. In Japan, then, there is a tradition that presupposes that people go “looking for maples” in their red season to admire them and pervade a contemplative atmosphere.

leaves in the united states

Between the months of September and November, foliage enthusiasts travel to New England to enjoy the wonder of the red, yellow and orange leaves in the woods and woods of Vermont and New Hampshire.
These two states border but in general they only have leaf display Which happens every autumn.

name of the Vermont, which translates from French “Green Mountain”, comes from the presence of the mountain range of green mountains Which traverse the entire state from north to south, it is characterized by a landscape covered with forest and agricultural land and consisting of small villages with a large number of ponds, lakes and small white churches.
The capital Montpellier has only 7,000 residents, compared to only 650,000 in the entire region, and is symbolically representative of the state’s rural economy.
One of the best places to appreciate foliage jane farm, in Reading, in central Vermont, one of the most photographed farms in the world.

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opposite of this, new HampshirePortsmouth has an outlet on the sea, while the capital is Concord, and despite being the smallest, is the fourth most industrialized state in the United States.
Mountain nature is defined by mountain ranges white mountain and from Mount Washington, on whose slopes very rare alpine plants and dwarf birches grow.
one of the best places admire the leaves just there White Mountain National Forest answer. The 48 peaks above 1200 meters have unspoiled views of valleys, forests, waterfalls that fall from granite cliffs, rivers and lakes reflecting red tops of trees.

These are the places by which it is sung american poets of autumn, Robert Frostow, in the collection entitled “New Hampshire”, which describes with words the enchanting and nostalgic landscape of the area from late September to mid-October, when maple, beech, oak, poplar, and birch trees paint majestic shades of red. are dyed.

“Maple Hunt” in Japan

Japanese GardenNS Japanese Garden It has always been a decorative and symbolic place, a corner of nature dedicated to contemplation and relaxation that allows you to reach a dimension of harmony and inner peace.

One of the seasons in which gardens become more suggestive is autumn, as Japanese maple leaves turn green to yellow, orange to deep red during this period. NS waxing There is an ancient tradition, once the exclusive prerogative of the nobles, which involves “hunting” these trees to contain them. concerns The colorful mantle with which they are covered.

This natural spectacle occurs on the arc of approx. 50 days, starting at Hokkaido, the northernmost island of the Japanese archipelago in September, and gradually moving south between October and November on the island of Kyushu.
Thanks to the climatic factors of this geographic region, wherehigh humidity Slows down the moment the leaves fall which takes a long time to leave the tree and dry, the foliage is an incomparable spectacle.

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The most developed and most popular places for momisagari are the cities of Nikko and Kyoto, but there is also the Oireze stream, which originates from Lake Towara, formed in the volcanic caldera, one of the most popular Japanese places to admire. autumn colors.

romantic foliage in bavaria

leaves bavariaEurope is also the place to see some of the most beautiful autumn glasses in the world. In Germany, on the territory of Bavaria, there is a magical place called romantic stresses.
The slow pace of autumn pervades the snow-capped mountains and Bavaria It turns into a sprawling park of medieval towns such as Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Dinkelsb├╝hl that invite you to stop by for a glass of wine.

Among the visual adventures of the foliage stores in Bavaria are certainly the landscapes that one encounters while visiting the palace such as Neuschwanstein Castle, which inspired the illustrations for fairy tales brought to the screen by Disney. The first snow evokes the effect of autumn colors that appear on the white canvas of the mountains.

Autumn Munich flows under the banner of beer festivalBut with a backdrop of cheerful Bavarian bands, visitors are offered romantic walks under evocative foliage in parks, such as the Oak of Oaks.english garden Which are covered in red and gold colours.

enchanted forests of scotland

leaves scotlandIt is not necessary to travel often to distant continents to find a magnificent non-contaminated nature painted in red. limitless and wild hilly terrain Provide this opportunity to the passengers.

The autumn spirit becomes more alive in these places where the almost complete absence of urban centers guarantees the trees to reflect their colors in the multitude of lakes that characterize the area.
essential goal of leaves in scozia is the Victorian city of Pitlochry, a magnificent village surrounded by otherworldly atmosphere and bathed by the Tummel River, which originates in the northern region of Pertshire, with which vacationers can enter orange forest.

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Also, in October, it happened in the forest of Pitlochari. NS Enchanted Forest, One Display Sounds, lights, colors that attract and enchant 30,000 tourists every year.


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