Learn to be with him

Learn to be with him

Established in France for twenty years, the Moorefield family measures the changes associated with Brexit every day.

When Gillian Moorefield receives a package from her friends back in Britain, she will now have to pay the carrier a tax, which is one of the small changes she has to adapt to.

Originally from Scotland where they still own their home, the Moorefield family voted against Brexit, like most Scots and regularly live in one or the other of their homes. “Moorfields must now plan their trip,” explains Gilfianfield: “We cannot stay in Scotland for 90 days per semester at our home and at Bergerac Airport, we stand in the queue of foreigners”.

His pension has fallen due to the depreciation of the British pound against the euro “and this is not offset by the return on our investment, which has also fallen, as the UK economy suffers from Brexit”, says Gillian. .

The great ambiguity of health care costs

But it is particularly in the area of ​​health that Moorefields is concerned. “With my resident card, I currently benefit from the Vitale card, the United Kingdom health care system compensates for my health expenses with Social Security, but nothing says this system will continue … even here “It’s a big blemish,” she worries.

But not far from the palace of the King Duke of his ancestors, determined to live in his house in Sowater-de-la-Lemance, the Moorefield family takes all these changes with a vision: “Provided that we can continue to find in the shops Great “marmite” spread and our favorite tea, “Gillian smiled”.

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