London bids goodbye to Erasmus and announces Turing event

London bids goodbye to Erasmus and announces Turing event

There are no more Erasmus students in UK universities. One of the most painful sacrifices for believers in the European Union is to bid farewell to the event 9 million people 30 years before its birth. It is too expensive for London and the government wants to replace it with one of its programs, which it will name after Alan Turing.

“The British government has decided to abandon the Erasmus program and I regret it – the union’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, said that reaching the climax of this agreement – is not a level of ambition in terms of aid for mobility in our historical The height of the relationship, but it is – again – an alternative to the British government ”.

Millionaire business

Universities, an institution representing UK universities, has calculated that Erasmus is joining £ 243 million per year For the British economy. It is not only for the traveling students, but also for those teachers and workers who are able to exchange culture and experiences.

British Education Secretary Gavin Williamson reiterated Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement that UK students would have their own study abroad programs and would not be limited to the European Union, but included the global, best in world universities.


Around 150,000 Europeans study in the UK. Enrolling in a British university will become a lot more expensive and complicated and the benefit – to be expected – will be neighboring Ireland, while there are already people like the Scottish Prime Minister who condemn the verdict.

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“A work of cultural barbarism – as Nicola Sturgeon has defined it bluntly – against an initiative that has broadened opportunities and horizons for many youth”.

Erasmus had planned to live in 2021, who would still be able to leave. But London will not receive any new request from 1 January. Northern Ireland, which has signed an agreement with the Republic of Ireland, would be an exception.


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