London – Cosmopoly | Tory made in England for Scotland trial

  London - Cosmopoly |  Tory made in England for Scotland trial

The big theme for the next few years will be Britain’s ability to reconcile. In Boris Johnson’s version, the strength of nationalist conservatives increases inversely to the strength of the Union. These latest administrative elections confirm this. The strengthening of the Tories, who recorded a major victory in Hartlepool, northern eastern England, a 57-year-long labor loyalty, as well as progress in several regional constituencies, counted another surge in Nicholas Sturgeon’s Scottish nationalists with 64 seats. Out of 129 in the local parliament, they have come a step away from an absolute majority. Added to the 8 seats won by the Green Party, both parties campaigning for a part of Scotland now have a majority of 15 seats. The separatists have announced that they want to prioritize the fight against Kovid and economic reform in the short and medium term, but have also made it clear that their ultimate goal remains isolation from the United Kingdom.

Johnson’s victory, which solidifies his position in England and Wales, should really pass Scotland’s test in the next two years. Johnson and his right-hander Michael Gov asserted that talking about Scottish independence at this time would be an additional element of instability for a country struggling with Kovid and the economic crisis. Sturgeon has agreed not to cross arms for now, but it is now clear that the fight is only postponed.

Boris won a clear victory, progressing to the regions of the north of England, where he eroded power to Labor. Labor have managed to make a mark in urban areas such as Manchester, Liverpool and Peterborough, but the Conservatives have performed well in the West Midlands. Overall he won a majority of 61 out of 143 regional councils in England, 13 from Labor’s 44 councils, down 8. London secured Labor Sadiq Khan as mayor, who had a slight majority of his own from the 2016 victory. saw. Still has a solid 55.2% of the 2.5 million votes vs. conservative rival Sean Bailey’s 44.8%.

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Simplification, therefore, conservatives in rural areas remain strong and conquer some urban areas depressed by labor, while labor remains down with some small marginal gains. By definition, a metropolitan city, London remains a heterogeneous island in the country. Although Londoners voted 60% to remain in the European Union in the 2016 referendum, they now have to deal with the new reality. Khan promises to do what he can to fight to heal wounds and protect jobs.

Voters rewarded Johnson because, despite serious mistakes and initial hesitation, thousands of additional deaths occurred, ultimately becoming skilled at riding the winning vaccine strategy. As we have said in the past, a voter immersed in a health tragedy, like a voter, is interested in looking ahead and not thinking how it can get better, especially now that London is in a fight with Kovid compared to the rest is at the front. Prepares to restart the further economy of Europe.

As Labor, Starr admitted that he remained at stake without going back to the top after the fall of the 2019 election under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. For over a year, Starmer tried to clean up the Corbynists’ party, but failed to inspire the rest of the country. He admitted that the party was caught in internal debate to spread the good news. The problem is that Starr fails to give an alternative view of the country, beyond the objectively responsible and liberal protest against such further garbage in a moment of emergency, and against suspicion of incompetence and even government corruption. Used to be. He has not accepted ambitious plans to revive Leyden for fear of being given the usual labor expenditure, nor given any line that would bring about a profound change in the world. Not too defensive and too attacking. When he became the leader of the party, Starr said he would roll up his sleeves because he had a mountain to climb to get the party back to qualify. He complained that Kovid did not allow him to be with the people and campaign effectively. Now he has started a reshuffle of his shadow government. One fact is certain: the credit the voters gave him is over and it is time to attack the slope of the mountain, whatever type of shoes he has.

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