Macerata University, John Francis McCourt (57 years old from Dublin) is the new rector

Macerata University, John Francis McCourt (57 years old from Dublin) is the new rector

Macerata – TheMacerata University Chosen new rector Joe will replace Francesco Adornetto for the Sexenium 2022-2028. The victory went to John Francis McCourtProfessor of English Literature and Director of the Department of Humanities who defeated Professor Francesca Spigarelli, who was the current representative of the full Professor of Applied Economics and the Rector of the Third Mission.

McCourt is Unimca’s new rector

Voting took place today from 9:30 to 12:30 via Pescheria Vecchia in Polo Pantaleoni. Two seats have been provided: in the blue room for full professors, researchers, student council members; In the green room for technical administrative staff and linguistic specialist colleagues. The first vote was an instant success, with McCourt quickly exceeding the 201 mark set for the election in the first round.

who is the new rector

John Francis McCourt, 57, born in Dublin (Ireland), is director of the Department of Humanities, President of the International James Joyce Foundation, and a member of the board of the International Yates Summer School. Before arriving in Macerata, he taught at Roma Trey University, where he was director of the Inter-departmental Research Center for Irish and Scottish Studies, and at the University of Trieste, where in 1997 he co-founded the Trieste Joyce School, from which he is now the President. He has written several books on James Joyce and Irish and English literature in English and Italian.

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