Mancini is on a plane with The National, the Scottish newspaper that compares him to Braveheart –

Mancini is on a plane with The National, the Scottish newspaper that compares him to Braveheart -
From Andrea Sereni

Another headline on the front page is dedicated to the coach of Italy, who was next to him in addition to the cup on the return flight from Wembley, a copy of the newspaper bearing his image in Braveheart style.

Sitting on a chair, mobile phone in hand, his eyes hidden by dark glasses, staring intently at the screen. Roberto Mancini He still has the gold medal around his neck, shirt and tie that brought him back to Italy with his European champion national team.

Il Corriere has created a special on European 2021 with matches, teams, heroes and results in real time: you can find it here.

There is a pillow to keep the head and neck comfortable, with a beautiful cup on the right side. But not only that. Also, slightly crumpled from the trophy, we can see a newspaper, from which Mancio’s face peeps out. yes really National, Glasgow’s Independence newspaper, which, on the eve of the final, changed the coach of the national team to the Scottish hero William Wallace, who defeated English forces at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in the thirteenth century.

Save us Roberto, you are our last hope. We cannot bear them for the next 55 years (with reference to the World Cup won by the British in 66, ed.). A front page that impressed everyone, apparently even Mancini herself, who decided to take a copy home with her.

they call Roberto the Bruce, which is actually King Robert I of Scotland, who defeated the English army led by Edward II at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. Warrior and hero, he made the Scottish kingdom independent. In short, the comparison is not only for the blue coach.

Indeed, the newspaper goes on, launching a popular appeal to grant honorary citizenship to Mancini. The excitement in an ironic key is, of course, inserted into a broader framework, which makes independence the main cause of the newspaper. Looking back on the flight back to Italy, Mancio would have appreciated.

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