Maneuver 2022, Full PDF of Budget Act –

Maneuver 2022, Full PDF of Budget Act -

On Thursday 28 October, the Council of Ministers passed budget legislation signed by Mario Draghi and Daniele Franco. The text shown here (the latest version revised by the CDM in early November and stamped by the State Accounts Office) indicates all the measures the government has designed: from pensions to taxes, passing on various bonuses to businesses and Citizen. Here they are explained in detail.

The maneuver is about 30 billion per year for the next three years and the most characteristic of all the measures involved is the tax cuts. In fact, an 8 billion fund is required for intervention on revision of personal income tax, IRAP and deductions. Another important measure contained in the maneuver is the departure of Quota 100, which will be replaced by Quota 102 (64 years of age and 38 years of contribution) in 2022, then we will return to the Fornero law.

There is also citizenship income reform, which has been confirmed but with some changes: subsidies will be refinanced with a billion euros, more stringent controls are predicted and it is decided that the beneficiary will lose the RDC if He had to decline the offer twice.

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