Margate of Scotland / video, patron saint of Edinburgh on 16 November

Margate of Scotland / video, patron saint of Edinburgh on 16 November

Margaret of Scotland And celebrate Today, November 16, 2020, Like every year. His remains are housed in one of the oldest chapels in the Scottish capital at the Edinburgh Fort dedicated in his honor. The saint’s creed spread throughout England with the construction of several churches. On the day of his death, Santa Margherita is remembered through commemoration and a procession in front of his remains. In cities such as Glasgow, Wellington, Luton, and also in the Avellino region in Italy, the saint’s sense of altruism and love for the weakest is approved each year with a Mass in his honor.

Each country has a city that represents it, a place where all the cultural and historical elements that make up such a nation come together. For Scotland, Edinburgh represents its beating heart, a place between modernity and historicity, where all traditions of the Scottish people can be believed. On entering the capital, a silent form appears in front of a palace which stands on a hill and pushes the visitor to enter its powerful walls and relive the past. A city that holds a historical charm, with stone streets that seem part of a medieval world, alternating with the richness of a modern reality. A place to live amidst antique shops and bagpipe music of street artists or cultural events of the palace.

Margaret of Scotland, Life of the Blessed

Life of St. Margaret of Scotland It is that of a mother and a queen, who is always careful to help her people by protecting the poor and the vulnerable, which is why today she is considered the protector of Scotland. A story that begins in Hungary with the birth of a saint, the daughter of Eduardo I, heir to the throne of England, to escape the domination of Dan. In 1057 his father was remembered as the legitimate heir of Eduardo the Confessor in England, but his untimely death led to the subsequent invasions of the Normans, leading Margherita and his brother, the legitimate heirs to the court of King Malcom III in Scotland. Had to take shelter of Fascinated by her beauty, she decides to marry him. The stage begins with Santa Margherita playing 6 children and the queen’s wife, mother. The story of the saint has come to us due to our predecessor, Durhan, who will shape his life with the help of the stories of Margaret’s daughter Matilde. The saint is described as a very attentive queen, and with a heart devoted to Catholicism.

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In particular, thanks to the activity of the saint, one of the first reforms of the Scottish Church was achieved by celebrating the Easter of Rome and celebrating Easter as a day in honor of the Lord. Furthermore, thanks to his persistence, he managed to manage several monasteries throughout the kingdom, among which we can remember as the largest dunferline that would be the burial place of the royal family in the future. His intervention, as acknowledged by many historians, had greatly increased the cultural world of Scotland at the time, focusing on broader aspects of the soul. A profound life in which Saint Margaret had time to pray for herself, dedicate herself to her faith and help the weakest and poorest of the entire kingdom. He died on 16 November 1093 after a long illness. His cult flourished even if sanctification occurred only in 1250 and he was held responsible for the role of protector of Scotland in 16 was3.

All other blessings today

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Video, life of blessed

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