Mark Cuban proposes to check the 1000 stimulus every 2 weeks, with a 10-day spending period

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With Congress on stalemate at the end of the second phase Corona virus Excitement checks, billionaire Mark Cuban has his own idea.

Cuban, “Shark Tank” investor and Dallas Maverick owner, Told CNBC He is in favor of sending ચેક 1000 stimulus checks to American homes every two weeks for the next two months. The check will be distributed regardless of income.

Families will then have 10 days to spend the funds to provide immediate support to the local economy.

“Once the demand in a business starts, even if it is closed and working online, there is a reason for demand to be able to bring back employees and retain those employees if it continues,” Cube said.

The Cuban plan is the latest in a series when Congress seems to be at a standstill on the overall relief package, let alone any direct payments. In March, Congress approved direct payments – $ 1,200 for individuals and $ 2,400 for married families, as well as $ 500 for dependent children. But stay away in the second round. And, with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg finally facing a battle to change the November general election, it is likely that no settlement will be reached soon.

However, Cuban said the need for stimulation is “as much now” as it was in the early days of the epidemic. Adding is “two economies”.

He said, “(without help) is struggling badly. “We need their help.”

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