Match Preview: Edinburgh Rugby vs Benetton Rugby

Match Preview: Edinburgh Rugby vs Benetton Rugby

With Newport’s crucial home win over the Dragons, it is time for Benetton to face the second away game of the season, this time at Dam Health Stadium, home of the Scots in Edinburgh.

Coach Marco Bortolami’s Lions will take the field with the enthusiasm and confidence gained from previous exciting home tests, trying to give 34-14 the consistency with which they managed to impose themselves on the Welsh a week earlier. In front of Edinburgh, at least at this start of the season, he is not showing the brevity and quality that allowed the Scots a few months earlier to reach the playoff goal, where they were defeated in the quarterfinals by the Stormers, who later Graduated as United Rugby Champion. Championship. The ranking economy in the Italian-Scottish conference is of great importance to Benetton in which Treviso players are included right along with Edinburgh.

The percentage of ownership between Benetton and Edinburgh is essentially in balance, with 53% for the Treviso people and 55% for the Scots, green and white, although little in winning territory with 55% compared to 53%. perform better. in Edinburgh; The figure for meters already achieved was even higher, 503 for Benetton out of 486 for the Highlanders. Although the Scots attack has been confirmed as one of URC’s most effective and dangerous, with 112 points on the scoresheet so far and 17 goals scored in the first 4 days; Benetton’s balance sheet is also excellent since the start of the tournament: 111 points and 12 goals scored.

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In the match against the Dragons, the Green-and-Whites had 108 offensive runs, with 9 linebreaks and a 64% lead line advantage; For Edinburgh instead brought 118 attacks with a gain of 5 linebreaks and a line advantage of 67%. third row lorenzo cannon and openness Tomas Albornoz Treviso is confirmed to be the most valuable and effective arrows available for the attack: the green and white number 8 for 19 strikes, covered 125 meters and scored a goal, while the Argentine-born Albornoz opened for 133 meters of cover. With 12 strikes, 2 linebreaks, 4 defenders beaten and 14 precious points scored on foot, allowing the Dragons to widen the score gap. The third row, however, was also the protagonist in the match against the Lions in Edinburgh, with number 8 William Mata, who equaled Lorenzo Cannon with 19 charges, covering 127 meters and scoring one goal, followed by the second third of the row. Flanker Luke Crosby scored 11 runs. and 1 linebreak; Scottish winger Darcy Graham, who completed 11 races with 156m cover, 2 linebreaks and 11 defenders, will certainly be “under special watch” as well: scoring a goal for the Scottish international as well.

Benetton has been confirmed among the tournament’s top most effective teams in the defensive phase, with a total of 609 tackles in 4 matches and a 91% overall effectiveness percentage, as it places the Venetians at the top of the rankings. Best performing teams ever in defense. In last week’s match the greens and whites made 124 tackles in total, missing only 9: Hooker’s tests were particularly solid at this point. Giacomo Nicotera and the second line federico ruza, with 100% effectiveness with 13 and 12 interventions, respectively. A rather opaque test of Edinburgh, which made 127 tackles against the Lions, which, however, are grafted onto 24 unsuccessful interceptions and a defensive effectiveness percentage of 84%.

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The fight in the breakdown promises to be intense and full of interesting technical content, the Treviso team is able to store an excellent 98% effectiveness in placing in the ruck, manages to recover 5 balls in groups on the ground: monumental evidence flanker Michelle Lamaro and pylon Ivan Nemero with 16 ruck entrance doors in each; The percentage of maintenance effectiveness for Edinburgh was instead 93%, although 4 balls were recovered in ruck opponents against the Lions, thanks to the great skill of its catchers, including two-thirds of the line Hamish Watson and Luke Crosby. Edinburgh also confirmed itself as a team to move the oval a lot in space, as evidenced by 68% of quickballs played in 0–3 second intervals and their own. Own field was confirmed by 64% restarts. 22 meters; For Benetton, on the other hand, a quickball percentage of 55% in the 0-3 second interval and a more prudent attitude in the exit strategy with 42% of restarts in hand and 47% of lightning kicks.

In the stable phases, a great balancing act is expected with Benetton, who finished the match against the Dragons with his 100% scrum and 94% throw-ins; The numbers are not too far for Edinburgh to close the match against the Lions with a percentage of 100% scrums and 81% of throw-ins won. Treviso was very solid and attentive in terms of sporting discipline: only 7 offenses were committed, mostly in the defensive phase with 4 offside whistles. Edinburgh players are more dishonest with 10 overall penalties, which weighs in on the 5 fouls committed in the grouping on the ground, however, indicating that the breakdown will probably be the phase of the game in which many of the balances of the match await the Benetton Lions. Will be settled in Scottish lands.

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scheduled for kick-off Saturday October 15th at 6:15 pm,

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