Maxi-bottle of Scottish whiskey up for auction (equivalent to 444 standard bottles)

Maxi-bottle of Scottish whiskey up for auction (equivalent to 444 standard bottles)

The largest bottle of whiskey in the world – containing the equivalent of 444 standard bottles of single malt since 1989 – is up in a record-breaking scent at auction this month. Fearless has been certified by Guinness World Records. This outperforms The Famous Grouse, which has held the title at 83 liters since 2012.

Considering intrepid is the equivalent of 444 standard bottles, if you tasted a standard 25ml shot every night, it would take over 34 years to finish the bottle, which was then bottled by Duncan Taylor Scotch Whiskey. It takes more than an hour to fill up. Last year. It will be auctioned on May 25 by Leon & Turnbull of Edinburgh. It is expected to be awarded for £1.5 million.

Auctioneer Colin Fraser, who directed the auction, said bidders would have the opportunity to buy “a piece of Scotch whiskey history” and become the owner of the 32-year-old single-malt Scotch, widely known for its “single-malt” scotch. As one of the best furnaces in the world”.

The name refers to eleven of the world’s most important explorers, including Sir Ranulf Fiennes, who chose Marie Curie as a charity for which any amount of sales of more than £1.3 million would be paid for. A quarter will be donated.

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