McAllister expects an intense debate about Scottish independence

CDU MEP David McAllister sees the United Kingdom facing a “passionate, constitutional debate” about Scottish independence following the Nationalists’ victory in the Scottish elections. He told Phoenix Broadcaster that. The possibility of another referendum depends on “whether the Scottish government is successful in exerting such political pressure on the British government that the prime minister reconsiders his position” and approves a referendum.

He believes that a merger of Scotland into the European Union is possible. “Theoretically, an independent Scotland could become a member of the European Union, applying for membership first, but there is still a long way to go,” McAllister said. “Ultimately, like all other countries, the EU will see whether all political, legal and economic prerequisites are met.” However, Scotland’s starting position is good. “Scotland was certainly a fully developed part of the European Union as of the end of January 2020 as a fully developed part of the United Kingdom,” McAllister said. “In this regard, of course, Scottish membership will initiate the accession process under different circumstances than countries in the Western Balkans, for example.” (DTS News Agency)

Photo: David McAllister, via DTS News Agency

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