M’illumino di Meno, a symbolic gesture for thinking about the future of the planet and the leap of the human species

M'illumino di Meno, a symbolic gesture for thinking about the future of the planet and the leap of the human species

Perugia – «2021 will be the year of change for our planet», Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. Words taken by M’illumino di Meno as a reference because “we understood how fragile we are, how dramatically interconnected we are, how much we spoil the world we live in, risking it is. We, the human species, have created the springboard for this leap of species: bait and pangolin have been balancing in a tropical forest for millennia.
Now it is up to the human species which species to leap, the evolution of the way our planet lives. Each of us is said to be more harmonious, more responsible, more durable, more efficient, smarter, more builder with the planet. We need to take a leap forward: in many ways, in many areas.

Therefore, tomorrow “M’illumino di Meno” 2021 will take place. The aim is to raise public awareness on energy saving and sustainable lifestyles, a massive operation on a national and international scale. Possibly in the context of an epidemic, among shared elements in the spread of infection, it was noted that there is a state of environmental uncertainty between the triggers of the virus. For example, in the United Kingdom, a clear difference in the spread of the virus was noted with less industrial incidence between healthy regional areas such as London, as well as Italy, in the Lombardy region, than industrial development in metropolitan areas such as Scotland. The virus records a higher rate of infectiousness than other areas less affected. This link between industrialization and epidemic spread is still to be carefully verified by science, but it seems that from now on we define a close relationship between the uncertainty of respiratory and pulmonary systems and the wide spread in high-density areas of industries. can do. Of virus. This is also why “M’illumino di meno” takes on a new meaning, the initiative launched by Caterpillar and Radio in 2005 “This year dedicated to the” leap of species “, ecological development in our way of life – we are absolutely epidemic. One must do better to get out.

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“The invitation to M’illumino di Meno 2021 – the organizer writes – is to tell us about the small and big leap of species in our lives. Already done and what they planned: from mobility to living, from food. Till the circular economy ”.

M’illumino di Meno collects 2021 and explains the leap of individual and collective species toward ecological transition. Which are already done, which are in progress, which are planned. Big and Small Leap Forward: Species Leap.

It is a leap of species transferring from fossil to renewable energy. Permanent mobility is a leap of species. It is a leap of species Energy saving is a leap of species Thermal coat that reduces domestic consumption, it is a leap of species to recycle, reduce, remineralize. Zero waste reduction to separate collection and waste is a leap of species. The circular economy is a leap. Lack of food waste is a leap of the species. It is a leap of species to plant trees and make cities more resilient. It is a leap of species to consume less and better, it is a leap of species to invest morally. It is a leap of species to reduce land consumption and protect the landscape ”.

M’illumino di Meno is an energy-saving day for asking people to turn off unnecessary lights and rethink consumption.


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