“Modern people believe that economic activity is fundamentally calm”

Le commerce doit, à terme, remplacer la conquête et rendre les conflits inutiles. Dans la pratique, il n'en a rien été. La plupart des conflits n'ont pas de motif économique : il est question de rang, de puissance et d'idéologie.

FIGAROVOX / MAJOR MAINTENANCE.- In business and power (Calman-Lévy) The essayist Maxence Brishoux analyzes the different concept of trade between the ancients and the modern people. It shows that politics is always more decisive than economy even in globalization.

Maxence Brischoux teaches International Economic Relations at Paris II – Panthéon Assas. He has already published The Possibility of Cosmopolitanism. Burqa, human rights and living together. He published Le commerce et la force-Understanding the new international commercial order, published by Calman-Lévy.

FIGAROVOX.- What fundamentally distinguishes modern people from the ancients in relation to trade?

Maxens Briscox.- I would say the difference lies in the relationship between politics and business. For the ancients, trade must be placed at the service of politics, which can lead to very strong sanctions. In LawPlato’s theory that the just city should be self-sufficient, as trade widens the divide between rich and poor and corrupts moral turmoil.

For modern people, on the contrary, international trade should be developed because it has many beneficial effects, especially political. In addition to the business contributing to the growth…

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