Monday 26/09, opening of the Glocal Film Festival 2023 in Turin with the screening of 10 finalists at the 25th Manhattan Short Film Festival

Monday 26/09, opening of the Glocal Film Festival 2023 in Turin with the screening of 10 finalists at the 25th Manhattan Short Film Festival

(ASI) The opening of the call for competitions for the next is drawing near Glocal Film Festivalto be held from 15 al March 20, 2023, Cinema Massimo-MNC, under the guidance of new director Alice Filippi.

According to tradition, the opening opportunity is turin stage 25K Manhattan Short Film FestivalA New York event that each year collects short films made from around the world and selects the best, Glocal brings to Turin Monday 26 September 9 p.m. at the Beretti Movie Theater (via Beretti 4, Turin).

Actually, the appointment has been open for 11 years. weather Of Glocal Film FestivalA review dedicated to Piedmontese cinema that conjures up emotion local for international contamination, starting from this particular evening, during which Screening of 10 finalist short films will be done.

with evening i am open Call for Competitive Sections of the Panoramica Dock and Spazio Piemonte of the 22nd Edition of the Glocal Film FestivalOrganized by the Piemonte Movie Association, which welcomes films shot in Piedmont or made by production companies and directors operating in the region in the current year.

Lengthy documentaries can be registered for free until 31 December 2022 (over 30′ span), short documentary (within 30′) e fantasy shorts (maximum duration 30′) who may wish to compete to win the Tourette Prize – Alberto Signato Best Documentary (€2,500), Doc Short Award –, Tourette Award Best Short Film (€1,500) and others including those Awarded by the award partners Machiavelli Music Publishing Award – Best Soundtrack and the Scola Holden Award – Best Screenplay.

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Information and registration e This email address is protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Looking forward to March 2023, the Glocal Film Festival Turin invites the public to join the global audience of the Manhattan Short 2022 – which will take place from September 22 to October 2 – bringing this year’s selection to the big screen of more than 400 different theatres. But you can see. Vote for continents and best short 2022 and best artist 2022. Also, as always, all ten short films could compete for Oscar qualification.

The 10 finalists come from eight different countries – Scotland, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, Spain, Australia, Finland and Lebanon, France and the United States – and represent the best of 870 short films submitted from 70 countriesTestifying to the vibrancy and creativity that characterize the world short film format sector.

The selection showcases drama and comedy with surprisingly effective methods of storytelling such as animated documentaries and is also a showcase for emerging and well-known actors. Appearing in unexpected and thought-provoking roles, such as Disney House actress Peyton List and Scottish director Peter Mullan, the award-winning director who participated, among others trainspotting, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, men’s children And ozarki,

The 10 short films presented transcend the general theme of facing adversity in various forms and with different perspectives. the cover, freedom swimmer And free fall Find out how individuals react when involved in massive traumatic events while more intimate issues are at the center Varsha, Fetish, the big green And love Dad, There is also a comic streak, which is found in save the bees And remedy, especially as Dawn vs Lightning,


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