Monza, Galliani: “S to the Superliga, but without the English. Don’t you believe the fans story?”

Monza Managing Director Adriano Galliani analyzed the evolution of football by opening the SuperLiga solution.

adriano gallianimanaging director of monza, made some statements to TuttoSport. Here are some steps: “We took Monza who was in the Amateur until June 30, 2017, it was clear and obvious that the players who were there would not win Serie C, so with all the affection and gratitude, we had to replace them. So, today, we got to replace them. Will have to change some of those who have won B, many of whom will struggle in Serie A.”

Then he added: “Many Italians? First of all let me say that if there was any advantage in being Italians, I am very sorry for that, because it is crazy to skip the World Cup twice. I would have loved to see the Italians in Qatar tired. However, our Italian The choice begins with other assumptions: this is an accurate philosophy of President Berlusconi, which I agree with. Foreigners take time to settle down, so the first half of the season is very narrow, as with many games, the risk is that We are put off even before they are set. Of course, there is also the world factor which can be distracting”.

Football has changed, Boseman and the son of TV rights, who have really changed football and, in fact, brought down the famous flag. How? Let’s start with the ’60s: A club’s revenue was entirely and exclusively from the box office. Basically there was nothing else. And if you only sell tickets: 60 thousand in Madrid are worth 60 thousand in Lisbon and Glasgow. Next come the television rights: with the English league earning £4 billion and the Scottish £100 million, it is clear that – with the same number of sixty thousand spectators – things change drastically. Turnovers that were once similar to each other suddenly diverge and that puts the champions to focus where the money is, as you do football with turnovers. Monza takes 33 million television rights out of which 3 should go to B as charity. Total: 30 million. A new promotion in the premiere earns 160 million. How can I compete with Nottingham Forest?”.

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According to Galliani, the solution could be a superalga: “But without the English though. There must be Brexit in football as well. Who does this to leave the British 4 billion every year, plus full stadiums? So it would be a real European Championship without the English. On the other hand, who do you think ran away from the English Super League in April 2021 because the fans didn’t want to? But go! Why don’t you leave that financial position?, on your smartphone

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