“My Favorites and Surprises”

On the occasion of the European Football Championship, Giuliano Giannicchedda Will follow closely to the site of Corriere dello Sport, the entire continental schedule commenting on the highlights of the tournament: from the matches in Italy Euro2020. the hero of. Giannichedda, Lazio and Juventus e . Former midfielder of Current Technician of Serie D Rep, will offer his outlook for the duration of the competition, a technical commentary from a professional coach on everything that will happen at the European Championship.

european full calendar

Euro2020, finally

At last we are here. Euro2020 is set to start a year later. a long awaited European for different reasons. Because it comes after the nearly defeat of a pandemic that has turned the world upside down. Finally, we almost return to normalcy and above all we see the fans in the stadium again. Fans return to the stands This is the best thing for those who play sports. Apart from this, our national team is giving us great results and emotions. After the great work done in recent years, there is a lot of hope and expectation for the people of Mancini. so much, Curiosity for Millennials: Would love to see him face more experienced players in such an important setting. There are many very interesting young people who will appear in a very important tournament like the European Championship.

Euro2020, Andrea Bocelli at the opening ceremony

favorite for title

favorites are definitely Germany And this France. The German national team in terms of position, player and mindset. Like France, which has players of great quality and experience. She is very strong in all the roles and the return of Benzema makes her even stronger.

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European, View room: Here are all shirts

where can italy go

Among the ‘surprises’Italy, which can reach the top 4. Mancini has relaunched the Azzurri, bringing the excitement back to the Italian national team. Italy may be ‘surprise not surprised’. We have come from a failure to qualify for the World Cup in Russia and we want to redeem ourselves to make a good impression. Thanks to Mancini, we have a lot of enthusiasm, the coach did a great job.

Italy, letter from Roberto Mancini on the eve of Euro 2020

Europeans, Olympics ready for opening match between Italy and Turkey

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Europeans, Olympics ready for opening match between Italy and Turkey

European’s Potential Surprises

There’s Another ‘Surprise Not Surprise’England: If he manages to coexist the offensive terminals, he can do very well. He has a very strong team. Among the possible surprises, there is certainly Turkey (Hopefully after the opening match against Italy). Up front are two very strong players (Yazisi and Yilmaz) who come from a great season with Lille shirts on. then, there is also calhanoglu And in defense there are two very strong defenders like Demiral and Kabak. there might be another surpriseUkraine. For Sheva, who is a European coach and a historic group that comes from an Under-20 World Cup victory. This is a group that knows each other very well and can annoy all the big players.

Euro 2020, Turkey's charge

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Euro 2020, Turkey’s charge


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