Naples, that’s what success with Rangers deserves

Naples, that's what success with Rangers deserves

NaplesOne joy after another. The twelfth consecutive win between the Championship and the Champions League constitutes the company’s record. against me ranger peopleAnother spectacular performance that delighted the audience of “Maradona” and all Azurri fans.

Naples, one delight after another and record after record

Good game, three points, full points in the group, 100th goal in the Champions Cup signed by the rookie leo skerry stigård, But the reasons for satisfaction don’t end there: What makes a happy mentor aurelio de laurentis, also the economic aspect of these exploits. In fact, success against the Scots is estimated at around €4.5 million.

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Spalletti: “This availability of my players is almost embarrassing”

Napoli-Rangers 3-0: 4.5 million breakthrough

The accounts are soon completed: each success in a single Champions League match corresponds to 2.8 million, – in the case of a challenge to a team run by the Dutch coach – John van Bronkhorst – Another 1.5-1.7 should be added to the box office receipts.

Champions, Napoli first of group: all possible combinations

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Champions, Napoli first of group: all possible combinations

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