Napoli-Rangers report card: Simeon essential, Elmas useful

Napoli-Rangers report card: Simeon essential, Elmas useful

Merit: 6

He often finds himself involved in a kind of loop, which is capable of contributing to increasing the prejudice that someone has been trying to convey about him in recent years, accusing him of excessive sentimentality. basically,heron It would be passing through events rather than controlling them. Nevertheless, the fault with Bologna did not undermine their environmental credibility. Indeed, tonight’s performance is a reflection of a calmness that goes far beyond those (perceived…) mental boundaries that, on the other hand, seem unrelated to it. So, with extreme clarity and coolness, he waits at the gate for Morelos, triggered by a very rare mistake in Lobotka’s hallway, and stands tall enough to narrow the door mirror. Then it goes down responsive.

Di Lorenzo: 6.5

The last buck, an attempt to encourage the best “trailer” when he could easily conclude a very obvious opportunity in the lone person in front of the door, contains the characteristics of a true captain: substance, altruism, partly Willingness put aside your football ego a little in favor of the greater good, the collective one. It literally plows the sash, creating a hospitable environment to ensure maneuverability.

(85 from ‘janoli:sv’)

garbage time, But a good offensive raid out of capacity.

Kim: 7

Perfect once again. The high pressure from Napoli causes the Rangers to launch longer and the Koreans don’t lose the contrast. The other balls are his, he reads Morelos’ movement all the way and decides to follow him everywhere, breaking and taking him to the very top. Even in its trocar. Without giving the Colombian striker a glimpse of the light, increase the intensity of the marking, canceling the depth with the deterrent. In short, it generates decisive actions, such as those who throw it or pull the rabbit out of the hat, with enlightening plays in the middle of the field.

stigård, 7

His defensive contributions reduce both clear opportunities for Rangers, incidentally with the free man in front of the goalkeeper. So much so that in the only notable save made by Meret, in any case the Norwegian made a move out of the blue with the attacker, delaying the conclusion. They both because of the high resale of the ball. amazing twist and Time Take a defined 3-0 lead.

Mario Rui: 7

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The endless debate over the Portuguese, until last season, was fueled by the instability of his football: days of grace disastrous, unsettled when he suddenly reveals amnesia. However, the imbalance in performance actually seems to be a distant memory. Today he represents the prototype of the modern full-back, skilled at channeling enthusiasm and frenzy in a more systematic attitude, such that it allows him to shift the balance on both feet. An assist with a tachometer for 2–0, combined with his near goal defense in the final, discouraged those who mistakenly consider him to be just a classic wingman and nothing more.

Nodambele: 6.5

Admitting to immersing myself in a supporting actor role, questioning myself shouldn’t be easy. Not even when Tottenham have practically taken you out of rotation, forcing you into a year of (almost…) inactivity. Spalletti has preserved it, progressively favoring inclusion among owners, even at the cost of making the option an initially unpopular. Once part of the lost luster was found, it was turned into a precious resource by magic, so much so that it eventually became reliable. A technically complete, physically overpowered opponent by virtue of the power placed under control. There is a right blast that breaks the crossbar and pulls out some sublime brushstrokes that would be worth more luck.

Lobotka: 6.5

At the moment it is irreplaceable excellence in blue chessboard. Methodist that really can’t be abandoned. Therefore, perhaps maintaining wear and tear during game-time sips is not one of the hypotheses considered by the coach. They have that way of being on the pitch that isn’t exactly exclusive, yet functional to the needs of the team. It is impossible not to recognize Napoli’s leadership, except by comparison with Iniesta. currently one of spindle Most decisive in Europe.

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(82 from ‘Zielinski: SV’)

He enters to let the weary Lobotka catch his breath and fulfills his position and duties.

Elmas: 6.5

The switch from Macedonians is always expected to change its position, not fully attested as an additional role within this group. The moment that defines him as a complete midfielder, not only able to leave the bench. But to play from the beginning, determine the mobility of the median with the quality associated with running and mobility. He manages to engrave with substance and tactical wit.

(from 72′ Gaetano: SV)

He serves as a mid-pawn entry, there have been moments in which he propelled himself with personality so that his teammates could land the ball and he could manage it in complete safety.

Politano: 6.5

The change in Spalletti’s system hasn’t diminished his aggressive streak, which he never really lacked. Enriching it with a great job of connection in the ascent of the ball from below. It is evident, core business Targeting a direct opponent remains the creation of blanks and momentary numerical superiority. Qualities that make him a thinking offensive winger and not just an executor of manager’s tactical commands. Thus, it is essential, as it knows how to optimize. Walking or squeezing on the track according to different playing conditions.

(72 from ‘Lozano:sv’)

He clinging to the line to take advantage of the Rangers’ defensive shortcomings, proceeded in frantic pursuit of the flag’s target. Some sprint balls and chains and some more in the prairie given by the Scots.

Simone: 7.5

Aggressive terminal with impressive instinct. Make the most of the opportunities available to sign your game. The relationship between the amount of balls played and effectiveness in the last sixteen meters is evidence of how effective it is el cholito In the economy of destiny attack. A circumstance strictly connected with the interpretation of the role: all his movements lead to an immediate, direct and vertical kick. 1-0 describes how the Argentine, at the height of a spectacular triangle in the band on the Politano-Di Lorenzo series, strikes the space behind the Scottish defensive line, adjusts the ball and burns McGregor at a backlash. Minimalist Dabbling: Saturated the air and brutally slinging to impress Mario Rui’s Perfect Cross. The hat-trick is missing as the goalkeeper of the guests blocks it like a hockey player. Then he sends a breath to the side. Three adjectives, only one striker: bad, necessary determined.

Raspadori: 6.5

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He went beyond himself, looking for a different way to be useful than what he has done so far. It is not easy to break out of the cumbersome void left by Kvartskhelia. however, jack Has demonstrated that he can raise his level no matter what the situation on the pitch. Sometimes he paid duty in crucial moments under the net, indicating a lack of clarity, as he works hard for the team, giving his teammates a big hand in consolidating possession.

(82′ Zurbin: from SV)

There are some good things about the growth process shown in the finale.

Spalletti Coach 7

If Napoli shows the effectiveness of an ideologically active football, however, combining it with a useful practicality, several qualities must be attributed to the person of Sertaldo. Compared to the competition, Azzurri doesn’t seem particularly dependent on the talent of the best in the team. The reasons for the absence unknown, so far, have been decrypted without losing the heart. In fact, the group appears so grainy, with no clear distinction between bosses and other lines, that it would make any coach happy. Spalletti seems to have found the secret to making everyone perform equally.

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