Nations League, Scotland beat Ukraine 3-0 to top the group

Nations League, Scotland beat Ukraine 3-0 to top the group

Glasgow (Scotland) – There Scotland beats 3-0Ukraine In Hampden Park and flies to the top of Group 1 nation league b, Former Bologna national team hickeywho handled the injured Patterson in the first half, thus partially avenging his World Cup playoff exit. malinovsky And fellow last June. after the cross adams Heder and Trubin saved in the 62nd minute, Scots scored the deciding goal with the captain in the 70th minute McGuino: The Aston Villa player is good at taking advantage of a rebound on the edge of the field and mocking the opposing goalkeeper with a left diagonal at the far post. At 80 comes the ‘second goal: he is the center forward of the QPR’ dyke Developing a corner kick from Fraser to defeat Trubin with a header. The trio is still number nine at 87: a photocopy of the previous goal, in which Fraser hit the corner and the attacker guessed the winning squash. A success that allowed Scotland to overtake Petrakov’s national team, rising to nine points against today’s seven opponents.

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