Natural Beauty Products from Tuscany to Abruzzo

Natural Beauty Products from Tuscany to Abruzzo

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“think global Act Local”. The words of Patrick Geddes, a Scottish urban planner, biologist and activist, are ideal for a journey into Italian cosmetic biodiversity. Plants, flowers and fruits endemic to the Italian region are the main components of the new creations for the face, body and hair, the local – daughters of organic and biodynamic agriculture – with international scope. Faithful to this philosophy are the many cosmetic realities of the peninsula that care about sustainability and the growth of the region: from the aesthetic secrets of Sardinian nature, to Tuscany, Abruzzo to Sicily. A stop in central Italy, from Tuscany to Abruzzo.

Profit Company Enoléa . Tuscan Vine and Olive Tree for

The name already contains the spirit of the Enoléa brand: the prefix Eno indicates the red vine and Olea, the olive tree. From these two iconic plants of the Tuscan countryside, the Benefit company, Made in Italy and certified by Natru, derives organic extracts that modern cosmetic technology translates into ideal formulas for the most sensitive and mature skin.

By exploiting the polyphenols and biophenols present in red vine and olive tree respectively, the formula benefits the skin against aging.

Zero km vision for Bioofficina Toscana Cosmetics

Courtesy Biofisina Toscana

When Eva and Claudia founded Bioficina Toscana 12 years ago, they chose the creation of ecological beauty and the protection of the area with the support of local farms as one of their objectives. Obtained and condensed into cosmetics formulas made from extracts derived from organic Tuscan raw materials, a result of biodynamic farming systems. Among his latest works, Alecrisio’s hydrolatte obtained from Tuscan crops.

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In Abruzzo, L’Aquila Saffron Rejuvenates Skin

Courtesy Tindora Cosmetics

Gilding the skin: From an ancient gesture also made by Cleopatra – of gilding the skin with saffron – comes the idea of ​​a family of entrepreneurs from El Aquila to create cosmetics based on this valuable ingredient. The company that produces them, Tindora Cosmetics, has an innovative start-up, Made in Aquila, that supports a small-chain economy and spurs the rebirth of a region still rocked by the earthquake. Extracts of Saffron dell’Aquila DOP, grown in the Navalli Plateau, which is among the highest of Gran Sasso, Sirante, Valle Subequana, Majella and Valle Peligna, are the star active ingredients of the Tindasa Cosmetics saffron collection. Rich in carotenoids, these have skin rejuvenating properties.

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