New Chief Prosecutor Moulay El Hasan Daiki

New Chief Prosecutor Moulay El Hasan Daiki

BIOGRAPHY. Moulay El Hasan Daqi was appointed by the President of Raja Mohammed VI Attorney General of the Cassation of Court, Ministry of Public Affairs.

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March 23, 2021 10:49

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Moule El Hasan Daqi, holder of a license in private law (Arabic section) in the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences in Rabat, was admitted to the Institute of Higher Education in Rabat in 1979, before starting his career as a vocational education . Substitute for Government Advocate near the Center of the Judge in Sidi Yahia L. Gharb (1981–1983).

He was appointed a judge in the Court of First Instance of Kentra (1983–1986), then the first Institute of Kings Prosecutor of Ojen (1987–1988), Souk Larba du Gharb (1988–1994), and Kenitra (1994– 1994) 1995. ) Before being appointed Deputy Attorney General in Rabat Court of Appeal (1995–1996).

In 1996, Mr. Daiki was appointed King’s Prosecutor at the Taunton Court of First Instance, before his appointment to the Tangier Court of Appeal in March 2000 as the King’s Prosecutor, until May 2001, in the same capacity as the date of his appeal. The court

Born in 1955 in Al Hauz province, Moulay El Hasan Daqi received a master’s degree in private law in 2012 before defending his doctoral thesis in 2019 at Tangier’s Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences.


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